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Canadian Montessori Center

Dr. Michael’s School Project Team Goes To Canadian Montessori Center


14th February 2017, Dubai, UAE: Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic visited the students of Canadian Montessori Center. Where Dr. Sosan Fatima, our School Project Coordinator, had an oral hygiene session with toddlers, pre-KG and KG students; consisting of 60 children in total.

Dr. Sosan initiated the session with a presentation and talk on oral hygiene as well as focused on the importance of each child practicing good oral hygiene routines individually. After which, our team set-up a tooth brushing workshop where the children were taught how to use precise brushing techniques.

Canadian Montessori Center

Our dental team also included a Q&A session, which helped Dr. Sosan further understand each child’s eating and brushing habits. There was also a discussion on healthy and unhealthy foods which indicated that the children had prior knowledge on the same matter which showcased the fact that they are paying attention to their oral hygiene.

Towards the end of the interactive segment, we asked the kids what they took away from the experience to make sure they understood the importance of brushing their teeth in the right manner. They were able to demonstrate the brushing technique, perfectly.

In addition, every child was invited to come up for a free dental screening in the “magic chair” so that our staff could provide them with an accurate assessment of their current oral health status. After the check-up, the kids were given goody bags and report cards. This was done to provide a comprehensive report for the child’s parents, so that they could decide if their child requires any further dental treatment.

Canadian Montessori Center

Our team noticed that, throughout the session, the kids were highly attentive, enthusiastic, joyful and excited to learn more about the importance of dental hygiene. Ms. Patricia Mezu from Canadian Montessori Center happily stated, “Thanks very much for your patience with the children. They enjoyed it tremendously. Your team and set up process was good and I particularly noticed the good hygiene techniques that you used for each child.”

To arrange a dental visit to your school or a class dental field trip to Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Center, please call Dr. Sosan at 04-3397700 or 056-8142010.

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