Your First Dental Visit

It is recommended that we see our dentist once every six months. Those who are at greater risk for oral diseases may require more frequent dental visits. A check-up allows your dentist to assess your overall oral health and it is very important in detecting early problems like cavities and gum diseases.

If you are coming to see one of our dentists for the first time, your first appointment will take between 40 to 60 minutes. This covers the following:

  • general dental exam (teeth)
  • soft tissue examination for any abnormal lesions in mouth, throat and the surrounding structures
  • occlusal exam (bite analysis)
  • TMJ exam (temporomandibular joint or jaw joints)
  • aesthetic exam (appearance of the teeth and gums)
  • radiographic exam (x-rays) and diagnosis

Do you need to have your X-rays taken?

A full mouth set of x-rays play a key role in diagnosing problems associated with the structures of the teeth, jaw and the mouth.

For adult patients like you, x-rays can show areas of decay that may not be visible with visual examinations alone. It is used to find cracks, possible bone loss during periodontal (gum) diseases and other abnormalities like cysts or any other changes linked with metabolic and systemic illnesses. X-rays are also used in planning and preparing dental works such as orthodontics and implants.

For children, x-rays are more commonly used to monitor tooth growth and development and to detect and prevent the early signs of tooth decay.

What happens next?

After your complete dental exam and diagnosis, your dentist will give you advice on how to improve your oral health and will discuss whether you need further treatments. You may be referred to a hygienist or a specialist if necessary. Your dentist will create a treatment plan for you and discuss payment options should you require any dental procedure done.

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