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4 Back-To-School Tips to Keep Your Child’s Winning Smile

As you and your child bid goodbye to the last few days of vacation, it is time to make a checklist and say hello to school once again. Like most parents, you’re probably busy crossing out some of the things on your list like new books and school supplies, uniforms and shoes. Have you thought about making sure your child’s teeth are protected while in school too?
Oral diseases like tooth decay can negatively affect your child’s ability to learn and concentrate in school. Tooth decay is one of the biggest health issues among children, accounting for millions of lost school hours year after year. Oral diseases like tooth decay can negatively affect your child’s ability to learn and concentrate in school. Oral conditions can interfere with your young one’s nutrition, speech, self-esteem and daily activities.
At Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, we encourage parents to instill effective oral hygiene habits into their children at home and at school. Your child’s back-to-school dental checklist should include:
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    Healthy school snacks

    Cut back on sugary foods and drinks. Choose healthier snack options for your child including grains, milk, cheese, raw vegetables, yogurt or fruit.

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    Handy dental kit

    Pack a dental health kit in your child’s lunchbox and put in your child’s toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.

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    If your child is active in contact sports like football or basketball, be sure to ask your child’s dentist for a mouthguard. Custom mouthguards offer superior protection and comfort and help buffer a blow that could otherwise result in broken teeth or jaw injuries.

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    Regular dental examination

    You may not realize that your child is having a dental problem, so regular checkups are important to diagnose, prevent or treat your child’s oral condition. Your pediatric dentist may suggest fluoride treatments or sealants to save your child from pain and lost school time.

Make sure your child is smile-ready and healthy at the start of the new school year. If you wish to make an appointment with our specialist pediatric dentists, please call Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Center, Dubai at 04-3397700 today.

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