Braces, crowns and bridges

Can a Patient With Crowns or Bridges Still Get Braces?

At Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, we see an increasing number of adults getting braces for corrective cosmetic and functional reasons. Most adults already had tooth restorations done and it is not unusual for us orthodontists to fit braces over crowns or bridges.

Whether your orthodontist recommends fixed or removable braces to correct the alignment of your teeth, it is encouraging to know that you can enjoy the many benefits of alignment and an attractive smile even if you currently have bridges or crowns.

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Placing braces to dental restorations is more challenging than installing them to natural teeth. This is why it is important to seek a specialist when considering orthodontic treatments. Below are a few issues that may arise.

  • Tooth movement is limited when fixed braces are installed over dental implants or crowns. The position of implants cannot be moved or changed because they are solidly fused into the jawbone. For patients with existing bridges, tooth movement can only be minimal to avoid damaging the bridge. If there’s a history of trauma as in the case of root canals or crowns, the orthodontist may need to move the teeth slower and the restorations should be monitored during the course of the treatment.

  • There is a possibility for crowns and bridges to incur damage during orthodontic treatment. This damage is purely aesthetic and there’s usually no need to do anything about this especially if the restorations are hidden at the back of the mouth. If the crowns on your front teeth are slightly damaged while wearing your braces, you can ask your dentist to fix the crown once your braces are removed.

  • Cosmetic restorations may have to wait until after your orthodontic treatment. If you want to replace a crown for aesthetic reasons, it is recommended that you have it done after your orthodontic treatment. However, if your crown is loose, your orthodontist may ask your dentist to make a temporary crown before your braces are installed. You can always have your new crown once your orthodontic treatment is complete.

Each patient is unique and although fitting braces on dental restorations can be a little more challenging, an experienced orthodontist can always find the best solution for your treatment and ensure that you get the smile of your dreams.

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