Rebecca and Dr. Linda

ExpatWoman review: My dental hygiene check-up with Dr. Linda Raskansky

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24th July 2017, Dubai: ExpatWoman’s Group Editor, Rebecca Roberts came over for a general consultation and dental hygiene (cleaning) session with our General Dentist, Dr. Linda Raskansky.

Here are a few snippets from her review.

When it comes to your dental care, preventative measures are always recommended to ensure your teeth and gums are given the right amount of TLC.

If you’ve fallen into the bad habit of waiting until something gets worse before visiting your dentist, you might find that the issue could have been stopped altogether – which is why everyone is encouraged to take proper care of their teeth, gums and oral health to stop the need for drastic treatment later on.

ExpatWoman Dubai, Rebecca
Photo: Rebecca Roberts, ExpatWoman Dubai

An overview of my dental hygiene

I’m at that point in my life where my wisdom teeth are coming through. Most of you may cringe at the thought, having battled with your own wisdom teeth, I’m sure. And of course, with my luck, they’ve come in at an angle – which means there’s space for food build up and plague between my molars and the new teeth trying to get through.

ExpatWoman Dubai, Rebecca
Photo: Rebecca Roberts, ExpatWoman Dubai

Why I highly recommend Dr. Linda

Much to my delight, Dr. Linda isn’t one to judge. With over 14 years of clinical experience, I’m sure she’s seen everything… And I’m not the type of person to lie to medical professionals; I’ll confess if I know I do or have done something wrong that’s detrimental to my health.

ExpatWoman Dubai, Rebecca
Photo: Rebecca Roberts, ExpatWoman Dubai

About Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic in Jumeirah

Since 1997, Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic has built an enviable place in the industry as one of the most trusted dental healthcare providers in the region. There are several clinics across the city, but my appointment with Dr. Linda was at the Jumeirah Clinic.

If you’re seeking a new clinic to visit for your regular check-ups, dental care and a teeth cleaning and polishing session, I personally do highly recommend both Dr. Linda and Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic. Without a doubt, she’s the friendliest dentist I’ve ever met.

We’d like to thank Rebecca for visiting us and we hope to see her again soon.