Expat Woman Rebecca and Dr. Argiro

ExpatWoman review: The 4 orthodontic treatments on offer at Dr. Michael's Orthodontic Center

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3rd May 2017, Dubai: Rebecca from ExpatWoman Dubai came over for an orthodontic consultation session with our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr. Argiro Kechagia.

Here are a few snippets from her review.

When it comes to braces, you probably have images of head gear a la Johnny Deep in the 2005 remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I can't blame you - I'm guilty of thinking that too, and because of my (severe) lack of orthodontic knowledge, I've been repelled against the idea of ever sporting braces.

Orthodontic Braces
Photo: Rebecca Roberts, ExpatWoman Dubai

Nonetheless, I have to be honest; my smile could do with a spot of TLC. Especially my bottom row of gnashers, where one tooth has taken it upon itself to twist in its place. Plus, my wisdom teeth have decided to come out of my gums sideways. So, as a result of my somewhat skewed grin, I decided to pay Dr. Argiro Kechagia a visit at Dr. Michael's Orthodontic Center.

Located on Al Wasl Road in Dubai, the clinic is extremely easy to find with plenty of parking outside - free parking, might I add, as the clinic will cover the cost for you.

During my consultation, the very lovely and extremely professional Dr. Argiro examined my teeth, explained the orthodontic options available - and most suitable - for me, and also happily answered any questions I had. I left her treatment room feeling empowered with my new found orthodontic knowledge, and I'm now in a place to make an informed decision about the future of my smile and how to achieve the perfect grin.

What's the verdict you might ask? Everyone is of course, different, with very different sets of teeth. So what's best for my grin isn't necessarily the best option for yours. My advice would be to arrange a consultation with Dr. Argiro herself, or any of the other orthodontic specialists residing at Dr. Michael's Orthodontic Center to discuss a treatment plan for you.