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ExpatWoman Consultation and Dental Cleaning with Dr. Thomas

7th November 2017, Dubai, UAE: Melissa from ExpatWoman Dubai came to see Dr. Thomas Lyth for a general consultation and dental cleaning.

In her review, Melissa admitted that she is generally afraid of the dental visits due to the amount of time she has spent in the dentist’s chair growing up.

“Upon being seated I was first asked about my dental history, and as I was telling Dr. Lyth about my braces, he was quick to point out that I wasn’t very regular in wearing my retainers. Just then, I knew that I was dealing with a dentist who was very experienced and could tell just by looking if there was something amiss!”

She had her X-rays taken and asked Dr. Thomas about a problem she had a about her wisdom teeth.

“Through previous dental check-ups, I have been advised to extract my lower wisdom teeth as they were apparently causing my teeth to move as well as creating cavities on the underside. To my surprise, however, Dr. Lyth assured me that I didn’t need to extract both teeth and also pointed out that my wisdom teeth were sat atop a passing nerve, something no other dentist informed me about before!

Melissa said that she’s usually a victim of clinical oversell but she said her visit at the clinic feels nothing like business.

“Dr. Lyth was very frank and thorough with his diagnosis and the plan he laid out for me made me comfortable. He also, of course, left the choice to me and at no point did I feel pressurised to sign up for something I would later regret.”

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