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ExpatWoman review: 8-year-old Joakim visits Dr. Rafif

“My son is usually scared of doctors, and especially dentists. I remember the last time I took him to another dental clinic it took an hour for the dentist to convince him just to open his mouth for a simple checkup.” said Joakim’s mom.
“But with his visit at Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, he didn’t need much encouraging. At the reception, the atmosphere was calming and he felt instantly relaxed. Not before long, he was already preoccupied with the aquarium and a book about dinosaurs, his favourite!”
Photo: ExpatWoman
Dr. Rafif examined his teeth and took X-rays of Joakim’s teeth.
“Based on her findings she highlighted that it’s important that we monitor my son’s bite as the dental crowding he had at this stage of his growth could pose a potential problem in the future such as gum disease, difficulty chewing or speaking and the lack of self-confidence and desire to smile.”
Photo: ExpatWoman
Dr. Rafif also showed him how to brush his teeth properly using a dinosaur model.
Photo: ExpatWoman
“Overall it was surprisingly an enjoyable visit. Dr Rafif delivered a positive oral health education and a painless dental experience for my son and he can’t wait to go back to the clinic to see his new friend again.”
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