Dr. Abdelhakim and Huwida

ExpatWoman review: My orthodontic consultation with Dr. Abdelhakim A. El-Gheriani

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15th October 2017, Dubai: Huwida from ExpatWoman visited our Consultant Orthodontist, Dr. Abdelhakim A. El-Gheriani at Dr. Michael's Orthodontic Center.

Here are a few snippets from her review.

I paid a visit to Dr. Michael’s Orthodontic Center in Dubai for an orthodontic consultation session a couple of days ago and it was one of the best decisions I’d made.

Now keep in mind that I’m the type of person who gets enthusiastic about jumping out of a plane (literally, I went skydiving for my birthday) but would procrastinate getting my teeth checked, up until the pain becomes unbearable. But one must bite the bullet every now and then, so I booked an appointment at Dr. Michael’s Orthodontic Center and went to see Dr. Abdelhakim A. El-Gheriani.

Dr. Abdelhakim and Huwida

Dr. Abdelhakim, who is certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, also has a BDS, DMD, MS, and MSD in orthodontics pointed out a small issue I have, that might result in inverting my front bottom teeth later in life. And since I’ve loved my teeth - not because I’m such a prima donna but because of my aversion towards braces – I almost had a mini heart attack when Dr. Abdelhakim broke the news to me.

And while I was considering running away, Dr. Abdelhakim brought to the table the ‘clear braces’ (also known as Invisalign aligners) which for the first moment looked like the trays I use for teeth-bleaching.

Dr. Abdelhakim and Huwida

Dr. Abdelhakim dusted off the idea of getting braces for me, when he mentioned that I can wear the clear invisible braces whenever and wherever I want, as long as I make sure I keep them on for a certain period of time every day. He then showed me the clear braces he had on the whole time while we were talking, which I never would’ve noticed otherwise!

If you'd like to have an orthodontic examination done, make sure to call Dr. Michael's Orthodontic Center on 04 358 7788 to make an appointment with Dr. Abdelhakim.

Thank you for visiting us Huwida, we look forward to seeing you again.