A Fresh Mouth for Ramadan

At Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic we care for your mouth by giving it a Holistic Oral Cleansing.
During Ramadan the fasting process can take its toll on the whole body, and especially the mouth. Dry mouth, bad breath, cracked lips, bleeding gums, tongue coating, these are just some of the oral effects of fasting.
A thick layer of plaque bacteria can sometimes form on the surface of the tongue causing bad breath (Halitosis).
If you are fasting for any length of time, there are a few cleansing rituals you can do to maintain a fresh and odour free mouth.
This improves the pH balance and keeps your mouth odour free during your long day of fasting. Then use a tongue scraper to lift off the plaque coating.

Method of tongue cleansing:

  • Draw the tongue scraper down from as far back as is comfortable.
  • 3 strokes right side, middle and left side from back to front.
  • You may need to start at the tip of the tongue for a few days till you condition your body to the sensation.
  • This is more effective than a tooth brush, even the ones with tongue cleaning parts to them. And remember, breathe.
If you use a mouth wash be aware of the alcohol content in some of the well known brands. Some contain as much as 27% ethonol alcohol. This causes the mouth to dry out even more. Instead of nourishing and cleansing, they can burn and sting.
These are all helpful hints during Ramadan but why not after Eid really treat your mouth to a well deserved pampering. Here at Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic we care for your mouth by giving it a Holistic Oral Cleansing. We gently use a massaging polish, removing all the debris and bacteria accumulated over the 29/30 days of Ramadan. Next we introduce an invigorating water jet to flush through all those hard to reach areas, finishing with a refreshing cleansing of all the in between spaces leaving your mouth feeling like it has just walked out of a Turkish Hammam bath, happy, clean and really fresh!

Ramadan Kareem and we hope to see you soon.

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