Felicia Bjurfjall

Felicia Bjurfjall, Up Close & Personal


Home to more than 200 nationalities, it’s a common thing in the UAE for people to try and speculate where everybody else is from. Count a few years and one would be able to make smart guesses based on simple hints like accents, languages or by way of dressing up.

With Felicia, it’s a bit tricky to tell. She’s half Brazilian-half Swedish. Yes, she is! Her mom left Brazil at an early age to move to Sweden where she met her father, who was also working in the UAE back in the 80s.

Practice makes perfect. Regularity is the most important thing.

Leaving your home to settle in an entirely new country can be pretty scary. But off to Dubai in 2006, Felicia flew. With determination, positivity and a strong amount of curiosity, she braved
the Middle Eastern culture, society and weather.

Traveling is nothing new to Felicia. She’s born with such independence being an only child. She’s been to Cuba, Iceland, Japan, Gambia, Singapore and Brazil too. Her best holidays were spent with the friendly locals from the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad & Tobago. She would also love to visit beautiful exotic places like Mauritius and Bali.

She now calls Dubai her home. She lives in an apartment opposite Burj Khalifa, conveniently close to our clinic in Jumeirah, and of course the Dubai Mall (which she admits is quite a danger for her wallet).

According to Felicia, ‘Living in the UAE has been fantastic, exciting and just amazing. It is by far the best decision of my life to move to Dubai, even though I was only 24 when I came and I barely knew anyone over here. I have grown so much and learned so many things in my years here, met some amazing people and have had some fantastic experiences that I probably never would have experienced anywhere else in the world.’

Dancing? She’s into Samba, Salsa and Belly dancing too! She also used to do horseback riding and martial arts, something she’d really love to get her hands to again. She does yoga, Pilates and goes swimming to keep her body fit and her mind relaxed.

A lover of the sun and the sea, she loves heading out to the quiet, serene desert or sailing on a boat trip. When she’s not out having dinner with her friends, Felicia would go on a TV marathon. She could go on and on watching her favorite TV series, Friends and Sex And The City.

I always show them how to brush and floss in the chair, and making sure they have understood how it’s supposed to be done before they leave.
–Hygienist Felicia

She’s always been fascinated with the Japanese and Middle Eastern culture, that’s why she counts the Last Samurai and Aladdin two of her favorite movies. That goes without saying that she won’t say no to sushi, sashimi, as well as Thai and Arabic food.

If she had not been a dental hygienist, she would probably be a doctor. She remembers visiting the European Parliament and the European Commission in Brussels when she was in high school. She participated twice in a European Youth Parliament with hundreds of youth delegates from all over Europe, as well as signing in as an intern with one of the Swedish representatives in the European Parliament.

Her patients love her because she’s easy-going and gentle. She never nags and she always tries to do her best to make them feel relaxed sitting on the dental chair.

What about upset patients? She said, ‘I learned that the best way to deal with an upset patient is to hear them out but truly listen to them and once they got something off their chest, you’d be surprised how much better they’d feel and that the upsetting situation can easily be solved in the best way possible, just by listening to them.’

In five years, she sees herself still living in the Emirates with her own family.

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