Flossing: Make It Your Habit


We’re told to floss our teeth at least once a day, and when we don’t, we miss cleaning at least 35% of our tooth surfaces. Be honest, are you flossing as much as you should be?

We develop many new habits over time. Some make a habit of wiping toilet seats before using them, while others, routinely reach out for their mobile phones the moment they opened their eyes in the morning. But why has flossing always been a challenge to many?

Brushing has been introduced to us since (or even before) our first tooth waved hello to the world. Flossing came some time later, when we had the motor skills to handle the floss. True, it’s another thing for us to everyday. But think of it as something that will save you time, money and anxiety at the dentist’s office.

Here are some ways to trick your brain into making flossing an effortless habit that you perform on autopilot.

  • 01Choose a trigger.

    Start with a simple and obvious trigger. You may opt to floss before going to bed. If brushing after dinner is already a solid routine for you, make sure to keep your floss where your toothbrush is, and reach out for your floss before brushing your teeth. This way, you reduce your chances of forgetting about it.
  • 02Keep it easy.

    Just like keeping spare change squirrelled everywhere for emergencies, keep a stash of floss on your car, bag or office drawer. Make sure you have one ready whenever the thought of flossing kicks in.
  • 03Focus on the positive.

    Instead of thinking of flossing as a chore, enjoy the feeling of having clean teeth! Flossing also means you’re always ‘photo-ready’. Who would want to be forever caught in pictures with bits of salad in between their teeth anyway?

Watch our Dental Hygienist show us the right way to floss.

Flossing has tremendous impact on our oral health. Work out a plan that’s easy for you to stick to. Soon, flossing will become one of the healthiest habits you have before you know it.

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