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Top 3 Most Sought-After Cosmetic Dental Procedures

First impressions are everything. Studies show that the first thing people look at in a face is a person’s eyes. The second thing that directly draws their attention is the teeth. People want to have an esthetically pleasing smile. Your smile should accentuate your unique personality. However, frequently people neglect their teeth and it adversely affects their self confidence.

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The three most common cosmetic dental procedures for people who wish to achieve a beautiful smile are teeth whitening, orthodontics and veneers.
The most minimally invasive and common approach to improving your smile is through teeth whitening. This can be done in the dental office in one session with a very strong whitening gel or at home in self applied trays using much weaker whitening gel.

The next most common sought after solution to achieving a perfect smile is through orthodontics. “Braces” have taken many new forms from the traditional silver brackets of yesteryear. Invisalign, Inman aligners and Incognito Lingual Braces are far more esthetic ways to discreetly align and fix the position of your teeth to achieve a beautiful smile.

If braces and whitening are either too time consuming or will not achieve the desired aesthetic look, then you might be a candidate for a bonded porcelain restoration. We can change the shape, color, contour and look of a smile by adding paper thin porcelain veneers to the teeth. This can be done quickly and accurately to achieve that perfectly imperfect smile you have always wanted.

Regardless of your dental situation, seeing a dentist at regular 6 month intervals is imperative to maintaining your dental health. A consultation with your dentist about your specific dental needs would be a great place to start having a discussion about any of these three cosmetic treatments.

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