Mouthrinse Reduces Plaque Better Than Brushing Alone

Are you a fan of mouthrinses? Not everyone adds in a mouthrinse (commonly referred to as mouthwash) to their oral hygiene routine, but this new research could change a lot of people’s minds.

A recent study showed that using germ-killing mouthrinse in addition to regular toothbrushing can significantly reduce plaque and gingivitis than brushing alone.

“It’s simple—mouthrinses can reach nearly 100% of the mouth’s surfaces, while brushing focuses on the teeth, which make up only 25% of the mouth,” says lead author Christine A. Charles, RDH, BS. “Even with regular brushing and flossing, bacteria often are left behind.”

Mouthrinses can reach nearly 100% of the mouth’s surfaces.

“Results show that the group using a germ-killing mouthrinse reduced its occurrence of plaque by up to 26.3%,” says Academy of General Dentistry Spokesperson Janice Pliszczak, DDS, MS, MBA, MAGD. “Furthermore, that same group showed a 20.4% reduction in gingivitis.”

Not all mouthrinses are created equal. Some are manufactured only to whiten teeth or to reduce teeth sensitivity. Remember to read product labels or even better, ask for your dentist or dental hygienist’s professional advice.

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