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Permanent Smile Surgery – a Growing Trend in South Korea

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Drooping sad lips? A new plastic surgery offered in South Korea will curl your lips upwards permanently.

As we tread along the many advances in technology, plastic surgery has become safer, cheaper and more popular around the world. South Korea is no different with one in five women in Seoul reported to have had some kind of procedure in quest for more satisfactory features.

A recent Reddit thread linked to a bizarre photo shows a girl who went under the knife for a "new plastic surgery in Asia that curls the corners of your lips." This brings to mind, what majority of those who has seen the photo, a very pronounced Joker-like smile.

Photo credits: AONE clinic

While the authenticity of the photo is yet to be confirmed, the Huffington Post reports that there is a clinic in South Korea called the Aone Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery that offers this procedure.

Named the “smile lipt” (lift and lip), the surgery adjusts the corners of the mouth upwards to make lips look fuller. It also helps cover one’s gums while giving the appearance of a permanent smile.

Watch this video and tell us what you think of the mouth corner lift.