Peruvian plant

Peruvian Amazon Plant: No More Painful Dental Injections

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Amazon?

Online shopping and rainforests may top the list. But for researchers at Cambridge University, it’s the place that could very well replace the dreaded anesthetic shots inside dental clinics.

The researchers have formulated a medicinal gel from a plant indigenous to the Peruvian Amazon region. The plant, locally known as spilanthes extract (Acmella Oleracea), has long been used by the natives for toothaches.

This gel may soon become a 100% natural substitute that can take the place of dental pain shots in used today. It could also eliminate the need for injections in selected cases.

According to Cambridge University anthropologist, Francoise Barbira Freedman, “We could be looking at the end of some injections in the dentist's surgery. We've had really clear result from the tests so far, particularly for peridodontological procedures such as root scaling and planning, and there are many other potential applications. The native forest people described to me exactly how the medicine could and should work and they were absolutely right.”

“Right now the medicinal gel is currently undergoing medical trials,” Freedman says, “but it should be ready to market by 2014-2015.”