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The Desi Wonder Woman Review: My Teeth Whitening Experience

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Photo: The Desi Wonder Woman

1st November 2016, Dubai: We had the pleasure of collaborating with Shehzeen, writer and owner of The Desi Wonder Woman blog. Shehzeen is a lifestyle blogger and she visited Dr. Lina Shaar at our new practice in Dubai Healthcare City.

Here are a few tidbits from her blog. Do check out her complete article.

So about a couple of weeks ago, I went to do something that I've ignored for 32 years of my life: Go to a dentist. My initial reasons were purely superficial but it all changed and don't think I'm exaggerating for a second when I say this - this trip to the dentist changed my life. For realz.

I met with Dr. Lina, who started off with a tiny discussion around what I wanted. I told her: I want my teeth cleaned and I want them whitened (at this point I didn't care if my teeth were generally well taken care of or not. I wanted to go in, get it done and get out). She asked me a few questions about my dental routine and I answered very truthfully (even though some were very bad answers). She was honestly so nice and kind, I thought I could tell her ANYTHING (but I didn't because that would be creepy). She understood my dental habits, what I loved eating and drinking and my dental history.

Teeth Whitening Shades
Photo: The Desi Wonder Woman

My biggest concern when going to a doctor is judgment. Unfortunately, a few doctors I've met with always appear to be judging your life choices and with something as terrible as poor dental hygiene, you want someone to help you fix it and not be condescending about it. Dr. Lina is AMAZING. She's so soft-spoken, very qualified, understanding, non-judgmental and takes you in wholeheartedly as a patient.

And just like that I was done.

And I LOVED the end result. A very happily ever after.

We’d like to thank Shehzeen for coming over, and we can’t wait to see the second part of your post!