Secrets of the mouth

The Secrets of the Mouth: A Mirror of Health

It’s like Oreo and a glass of milk or Facebook and status updates. The health of our mouth goes hand in hand with our overall body health.

Tremendous amount of study and research over the past several decades have proven that the mouth is indeed a readily accessible window to our bodies.

A number of diseases can manifest themselves in the mouth, tongue and gums. When you go and visit our clinics, we do far more than look for signs of tooth decay or other gum diseases.

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Did you know that periodontitis is associated to premature delivery, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancers and strokes? Periodontitis refers to the infection of the tissues that support our teeth. What’s more worrying about it is that, it’s possible to have periodontal (gum) disease without any red flags or warning signs.

Early signs of diabetes include swollen, red gums and teeth that are sensitive to tapping.

A burning or sore tongue is a common symptom of folic acid, iron and Vitamin B12 deficiencies. Bleeding gums may also indicate a Vitamin C deficiency called Scurvy.

Sores inside the cheeks, in the throat and on the tonsils and lips are indicative signs of Leukemia.

Sinusitis almost feels like a toothache.

Inflamed gums and tiny hemorrhage spots on the roof of the mouth sometimes signal Infectious mononucleosis.

Bulimia, an eating disorder characterized by binge eating followed by vomiting, may lead to the loss of enamel and dentin on the inner sides of the teeth.

Like up and down or right and left. Our oral health and general body health are interconnected. Practice good home care habits and visit your dentists at least twice a year.

And yes, we can almost hear our dental hygienists in the background, brush and floss!

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