Tongue Scraper: Dental Tool of the Day

The word scrape may actually sound harsh, and perhaps a softer-sounding moniker would make people fonder of it.

Tongue scrapers are oral devices used to eliminate fungi, bacterial build-up, food debris and dead cells from the tongue’s surface. Tongue scraping has been practiced for hundreds of years but are still little appreciated or used by many.

If you give tongue scrapers a shot, you’ll never go without them again.

If you give tongue scrapers a shot, you’ll never go without them again.

Tongue scrapers collect a dense, milky, yellowish or even grayish film that accumulate on the surface of your tongue. This film called plaque harbors bacteria and causes bad breath. By cleaning your tongue daily, you’ll leave your mouth cleaner and your breath a lot fresher.

Our dental hygienist, suggests these easy steps of tongue cleansing:

  • Draw the tongue scraper down from as far back as comfortable.
  • 3 strokes right side, middle and left side from back to front.
  • You may need to start at the tip of the tongue for a few days till you condition your body to the sensation.
  • This is more effective than a tooth brush, even the ones with tongue cleaning parts to them. And remember, breathe.

Remember not to go so far back that you gag yourself but far enough to remove the plaque that have been sitting at the back.

Just like your handy toothbrush, you should also rinse your tongue scraper clean when you’re done.

You’ll be surprised by the amount of (stinky, too) film tongue scrapers can remove.

Give it a try! It’s an inexpensive yet great investment for your oral health.

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