Dr. Kerry Ahmadi

Up Close & Personal with Dr. Kerry Ahmadi

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Dr. Kerry Ahmadi is an accomplished General Dentist who joins Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic from San Diego, California. She has completed many cosmetic, restorative and surgical cases where she mastered working with anxious patients.

What motivated her to be a dentist and how does she deal with anxious patients? Let's find out.

What inspired you to be a dentist? What is it about dentistry you are most passionate about?

My inspiration to become a dentist was when I realized how artistic the field of dentistry is. It was in junior year of college that I shadowed a very talented dentist and became amazed by the way he changed his patients’ lives. Not only has he improved their overall oral health, but he also gave them confidence in their smile.

I love dentistry for many reasons including caring for others, being able to educate patients to improve their oral health, being able to give patients more confidence in their smile, helping patients with a better life style, meeting new people every day, being able to do artistic work on very small objects, working in a team to provide the patient with the best service possible and my favorite is when I see tears of joy in my patients’ eyes.

What’s the most common misconception about oral health that you hear from your patients?

Most patients are fearful and nervous to visit a dentist, which causes them to avoid dental visits. Unfortunately, the longer a dental problem is untreated the more complicated it will become. What I would like my patients to understand is that dental treatments are simple and painless with regular dental visits. There is no need to be fearful as the field of dentistry has improved tremendously since the old days, treatments now can be done with no discomfort to the patient.

What’s the best way to deal with patients who are anxious and those who are generally non-compliant?

Since I was one of those patients before I became a dentist, I understand the feeling of anxious patients. I have learned through my experience that I need to earn the patients trust to make them more comfortable in the dental chair.

With my anxious patients I normally start with very simple and short procedures to prove to them first that I won’t cause any discomfort during the treatment. I have had many nervous patients that at the end of the treatment stated that they were worried for no reason. After a few visits they have no fear of returning because now they know what to expect. Fear comes from not knowing, I also always inform my patients of the steps I am taking during a procedure so that they know what will happen next, which makes them more comfortable.

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