kolibree smart toothbrush

Keep Cavities at Bay with the World's First Connected Toothbrush

Photo: Mashable

Not sure how well you brushed your teeth this morning? There’s a new smart toothbrush that can tell just how well you fare.

Announced at the 2014 International CES show in Las Vegas, the Kolibree smart toothbrush is the world’s first connected toothbrush that provides details about your brushing habits to help improve your overall oral health.

Via Bluetooth, the Kolibree smart toothbrush records each brush stroke through an accompanying app and reveals if you brushed long enough or if you missed out on certain areas in your mouth. The app adds up to 5 users, allowing the entire family to keep tabs on their brushing habits. It even gives a score to help encourage both adults and children to improve their oral hygiene.

"It's like a FitBit for your teeth," a company spokesperson told Mashable. "The more you know about the health, the smarter you can be about how to approach it. The same should apply to dental care and oral care hasn't been updated in years."

Price will range between $100-$200 depending on the toothbrush model, and will be out in the US later this year.

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