Hygienist Dulene Swanepoel

Dulene Swanepoel, Up Close & Personal


It might be the scent of fresh air or the familiar rhythm of her horse’s steps, but as a young child, Dulene would go horseback riding almost every day as she got home from school. Growing up on a farm outside Stellenbosch, her childhood days were filled with days like these...

Ancient braces

Braces and Beyond


Man’s quest for straight teeth dates as far back as history itself. Egyptian mummies used crude metal bands (wrapped around their individual teeth) and catgut (a cord made from the natural fibers of an animal’s intestine) to close the gaps in between the teeth.

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi

March 8: International Women's Day


It was not too long ago when women were not allowed to vote or run for office. They were not allowed to hold a profession or to keep their own earnings. Women in history have been denied of such basic rights as inheritance, education and choosing their own partners in marriage.

Quit Smoking

Smoking Bullies Good Bacteria


Smokers are easier candidates for disease. A new study sponsored by Philips Oral Healthcare concluded that smoking causes the body to turn against its own good bacteria.

Morning Breath

Hello, Morning Breath!


You wake up even before the alarm goes off on a Guetta song. You give yourself a good stretch and break into the first yawn of the day.


Much Ado About Chocolates


Long before Willy Wonka and his Oompa-Loompas made good business out of chocolates, the Mayans and Aztecs have already been producing them for religious rituals some 4000 years ago.