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Ceramic Braces in Dubai

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Gone were the times, when people were forced to don traditional metal braces that gave them a train track smile. Today, with the aid of modern dentistry pursued at our clinic, we have made it possible for you to achieve that confident smile with the seamless installation of ceramic braces.

At Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic, we develop some of the top-quality ceramic braces in Dubai.

Advantages of Ceramic Braces

More Natural Looking

In comparison to the metallic appearance of metal braces, ceramic braces are clear or tooth-coloured which will provide more discretion in appearance. You can also select between clear, white, and coloured ceramic braces.

Less Painful

on the pain scale, ceramic brace treatments are considerably less painful than traditional metal braces, because the ceramic brackets and thin arch wires exert less pressure on gums and cheeks.


Although ceramic braces treatment is initially expensive, the materials used within the brace work such as the bracket and wire are strong and hard to damage. Hence, they are highly durable.


unlike coloured brackets used in metal braces, which fade over time, ceramic braces are clear, or tooth-coloured, and are naturally stain-resistant, meaning there is less chance of staining.

Faster Results

while clear aligners will help you to straighten your crooked teeth, ceramic braces does the job much faster. Within about 18-36 months, ceramic braces provide clear alignment to the teeth and treat mild cases of malocclusion.

When to consider for Ceramic Braces?

While the primary role of ceramic braces is to straighten your teeth, they can also improve your appearance and give you a straighter and brighter smile. Ceramic braces are a great option if you want adult braces without conventional metal brackets.

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Custom-built Clear Braces

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Ceramic braces or clear braces, play a major role in straightening your teeth and fixing bite problems, while simultaneously giving you that virtually discreet look. Our dentists in Dubai will help you to preserve your oral hygiene and maintain a natural smile.

Should you choose between ceramic or Damon braces, our orthodontists will make sure to provide you with personalized dental care, and quality treatment that matches your dental needs.

ceramic braces in dubai

Ceramic Braces Treatment Procedure

  • Assessment & Treatment

    Your orthodontist will examine your teeth and gums during the initial consultation. They may recommend professional teeth cleaning prior to the brace’s treatment.

  • Preparing for the treatment

    The orthodontist will now take X-rays of your teeth to help plan a suitable course of treatment. Sometimes spacers are installed into your teeth.

  •  Application & Curing

    Following, each tooth will have a ceramic bracket connected to it via a minimal amount of non-toxic sealant. This sealant will then be set with a curing blue LED light.

  • Placement of the Metal Bands

    The ceramic braces will then be connected to your third molars using metal bands.

  • Trimming the Arch Wires

    Finally, a small rubber band is used to secure the arch wires to the ceramic brackets is trimmed and positioned accordingly.

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Most frequently asked questions

The cost of ceramic dental braces in Dubai is slightly higher than metal braces. However, depending on the complexity and the duration of your treatment, your teeth conditions, ceramic brackets used for your treatment, etc., the cost of the same is subjected to change.

to ensure that your clear braces stay clean and white, our orthodontist recommends brushing your teeth more regularly and avoiding the consumption of food that can stain your mouth. flossing and rinsing your mouth using a mouthwash are other habits encouraged to preserve your clear ceramic braces.

while both ceramic and metal braces help straighten your teeth, the rounded shape of the ceramic brackets makes them more comfortable to wear. The potential for chafing and gum irritation is also lessened here.

You are a great candidate for ceramic braces if you have adult teeth, which means your teeth have finished developing. Additionally, you may effortlessly straighten your teeth without calling too much attention to them thanks to the colored brackets, tooth colored or white ceramic bracket options at your disposal.

Yes, after any and every orthodontic treatment you have pursued, you would still need to get a retainer. This is because, when braces have been removed, the fibrous connections to your gums and jaws are loosened, which means that your teeth are at high risk of misalignment. A retainer would help reduce any risk of such movements.

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