Clear aligners in Dubai

The easy way towards perfectly aligned teeth

Clear aligners are a great alternative to traditional braces and are designed to move your teeth into their proper position using gradual force. The most striking attribute of this orthodontic treatment is that it comes without the hassle of wires and brackets.

Exploring your options

Are you a candidate for clear aligners?

If you’re an adult or teen who is conscious about the look of traditional braces, clear aligners offer the perfect alternative. They are next to invisible and are easy to clean and maintain. You can take them out to eat, brush, floss or for short periods during social gatherings.

These invisible clear aligners offer you the luxury of going about your routine without much discomfort and are inconspicuous. However, if your case is severe, traditional braces may be a more suitable treatment plan.

Clear orthodontic aligners are generally used for patients with mild or moderately crowded teeth or those who have minor spacing issues. Patients with severe crowding, spacing and bite issues may need more complex treatment.

Correcting more than just alignment

Clear aligners help to fix issues like

If you’re an adult or teen who is conscious about the look of traditional braces, clear aligners offer the perfect alternative. They are next to invisible and are easy to clean and maintain. You can take them out to eat, brush, floss or for short periods during social gatherings.

Creates a smile that is evenly balanced

Benefits of Clear Aligners


Clear aligners are comfortable to wear and easy to remove

Caring for the Aligners

It is easy to clean and maintain clear aligners


No wires and brackets, meaning no irritation to gums and cheeks

Less Dental Appointments

With these aligners, you will need only fewer dental visits

Smile Enhancement

They are virtually invisible, thus enabling you to have a seamless smile

Less risk of Dental Issues

By aligning your teeth, they limit your exposure to dental problems like protrusion.

Better Oral Hygiene

Since these aligners are removable, they encourage you to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Avoid Common Challenges of Metal Braces

You can say goodbye to metal braces, and the dental care challenges brought forward by them.

Reduced Treatment Time

while orthodontic treatments using metal braces take 2+ years, clear aligners take only up to 12 months, to align your teeth.

A Tailor-made Solution

Clear. Comfort. Convenience

Aligners are made of clear and strong plastic or acrylic material and are custom designed to fit snugly around your teeth. As your teeth gradually move into place, your orthodontist will give you a new set of aligners every few weeks to continue moving the teeth into their intended position.

Aside from being virtually invisible, clear aligners offer you the convenience of eating all kinds of foods without restrictions, as you can take them off while eating or brushing. Since they come without wires and brackets, this orthodontic treatment also demands fewer appointments with your dentist for adjustments and repairs.

Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic offers leading brands of clear aligners in Dubai, including Invisalign. We have a reputed team of orthodontists in our dedicated orthodontic centre, having vast experience and expertise in clear aligners treatment.

Our Orthodontists in Dubai

Procedure for Clear Aligners

  • Consultation & Printing Impression

    Once your dental health has been analyzed, our orthodontist will then begin to craft a suitable aligner treatment plan for you. During this stage, dental impressions of your teeth are taken using digital scanners. This is done, to aid the dentist in customizing your aligners.

  • Preparing the Aligner

    After the impression of your teeth is taken, this information is inputted into a software system, that later cultivates a treatment plan using 3D technology. Once approved by you and your dentist, this digital model of your teeth is transferred to a production facility, where your custom aligners are being made.

  • Aligner Placement Schedule

    Once your aligners are ready, you will need to get them placed by the dentist. In the following weeks, you will be scheduled to change out the aligner trays i.e., every 1 to 3 weeks. From then, you will need to visit the dentist once every 8 weeks, to check the progress of your treatment, or adjust the aligners.

  • Retainer Care

    After the aligner treatment is completed, you will be instructed to don a custom clear retainer. The dentist will recommend you wear your retainer every night while sleeping, to maintain the alignment of your newly straightened teeth. Retainers also help avoid the recurrence of malocclusion.

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Most frequently asked questions

Several factors will determine the cost of your treatment. These include the duration of your treatment, the number of aligners you would need during the course of your treatment, the brand of clear aligners, the complexity of your case etc.

At your appointment, our orthodontists at Micris Dental Clinic will assess your case and draw out the cost and treatment plan.

With clear aligners, you may see a slight change in the shape of your face, although this would be minimal and hardly noticeable.

With aligners and even braces, it’s natural for the soft tissues over your teeth to conform to the new alignment of your teeth and jaws. If your dental issues are fairly minor, this orthodontic technique will marginally alter the appearance of your face.

If you have more severe dental problems, such as a crossbite, receiving this orthodontic treatment may change the shape of your face for the better, fixing your smile and bringing in more symmetry.

Should there be any speech impediment, it will be a minor one and not likely to last for long. This is mainly because you are not used to having something in your mouth, and the faster your mouth adapts to the aligners, the quicker will the hindrances disappear.

Clear aligners are made from very thin plastic or acrylic material that will not majorly come in the way of your speech. In the initial stages, you may notice a slight lisp and slur, which should disappear once you start getting used to your trays.

This will depend purely on the nature of your orthodontic issue and how severe or straightforward it is. Each person will have different treatment lengths, but in general people with clear aligners will finish their treatment in less than 24 months or sometimes as little as 6 months.

A consultation with our orthodontist will give you an estimate of the treatment duration.



Invisible aligners need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day to be effective and achieve the desired results. You can take them out to eat, brush, and floss, but you will need to put them right back in when you’re done. They must be worn while you are asleep, too.

Not wearing the aligners for the recommended duration could delay your overall treatment time. The chances of your teeth shifting back into their original position are high if you don’t wear aligners for 22 hours each day. This could undo months of hard work, shooting up costs due to the additional treatment time, appointments and adjustments.


You must remove your clear aligners before you can eat food. You cannot chew with them in. Simply take them out, store them in a clean container and proceed to eat your food.

Eating with your aligners on can damage the appliance and lead to oral health problems. Aligners are not designed to withstand the force of chewing and doing so can crack or break them. Also, food can get trapped in your aligners, and failing to remove the particles can allow bacteria to grow, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

As for drinks, the only one you can consume with your clear trays on is water. However, avoid having warm or hot water, as the high temperature can distort the shape of your aligners, making it less effective and causing possible irritation. All other drinks, including sugary and fizzy drinks, coffee and tea can be had after removing your aligners.


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