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Composite Bonding in Dubai

Bondings that change the way you smile

Composite bonding, also known as teeth bonding or dental bonding, is a cosmetic treatment that can help enhance your smile. They also play a vital role in restoring the function of your teeth. At Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic, we offer some of the best dental bondings in Dubai, that help transform your smile

Benefits of Composite Bonding

Dental Bonding help to fix

Are Composite Bondings really necessary?

Yes. Dental bondings help to improve the appearance of your teeth. The outcomes of this procedure are a boost in your self-confidence and restoration of your bite function. Here, are some of the reasons you may require dental bonding:

Moreover, since the teeth bondings used by our dentists are of strong and durable material, we can ensure you a lasting smile for years to come. In terms of dental treatment, it is a pain-free and minimally invasive, way to repair damaged, misshapen, or discoloured teeth and rejuvenate your smile.

In this process, a thin tooth-coloured composite resin material to fix minor damages. This includes closing gaps and spaces, concealing chips, filling cracks, and much more. Also, since the colour of the resin is matched to the colour of your teeth, it blends in perfectly with the rest of your pearly whites.

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Composite Bonding Vs Porcelain Veneers

Both composite bonding and veneers help refresh your smile by fixing flaws. However, each of them has distinct characteristics:


While the application of dental bonding is simple and quick and can be done in a single sitting, porcelain veneers is a more intensive process and may require more than one dental session.


Since composite bonding treatment can be done in one sitting, they are a much cheaper alternative to dental veneers


The lifespan of composite bonding is anywhere between three and 10 years, whereas veneers can last for up to 20 years with proper care

Staining and Discoloration

Both the composite bonding as well as Dental Veneers are extremely resistant to stain. However, composite bonding can become discoloured over time

Procedure for composite bonding

  • Consultation & Cleaning

    Once your consultation is completed, and the dentist decides on a suitable composite bonding treatment plan for you, they will then proceed to take X-ray images, and impressions of your teeth using 3D dental scanners. Also, the dentist will clean your teeth, to eliminate plaque or dirt.

  • Preparation for the Bonding treatment

    Next, the dentist prepares for the treatment by selecting a shade of composite resin material that pairs well with the colour of your natural teeth. Once a shade is selected, the teeth are prepped for bonding by being roughened at the edges and conditioned using a bonding material (liquid)

  • Application of the Composite Resin

    Once your tooth or teeth has been conditioned, the resin material is placed on the surface of your teeth. It is then smoothed to the desired shape. The composite resin material applied to your teeth has a putty-like consistency.

  • Curing the Bonding Material

    Once the composite material is positioned on the tooth, they are then hardened using a special curing light. Finally, the dentist will polish your teeth to give them a natural-looking shine.

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Most frequently asked questions

The cost of composite bonding depends on how much work is required for your tooth or teeth. Some deciding parameters are the extent of the treatment process, the experience of your dentist, the number of teeth needing composite bonding, etc.

Yes. Dental bonding help to improve the appearance of your teeth. The outcomes of this procedure are a boost in your self-confidence and restoration of your bite function. In addition to this, it can also help in correcting the genetic deformities of your teeth and encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle

The durability of the dental bonding treatment depends solely on your oral hygiene. It also depends on how you protect your bonded teeth from further damage.

Yes. In fact, any adult can opt for dental bonding treatment. Since it is used to improve the aesthetics of their smile, even you can become an ideal candidate for composite bonding treatment.

However, it is important to note that you can opt for composite bonding treatment only if you have a good oral health. Without healthy teeth and gums, it is not advisable to get the dental bonding procedure since it is more of a cosmetic procedure than a restorative one.

Dental bonding, in most cases, is a completely painless procedure since it is largely a superficial dental treatment than an invasive one. Having said that, certain patients can experience discomfort if the bonding is used as a filling for a decayed tooth.

Composite resin is susceptible to staining from certain habits and beverages such as smoking, drinking coffee/tea, sugary sodas etc. Some types of foods, such as coloured candies, dark chocolate etc, can also cause discolouration of the resin.

To preserve your bright smile, you will need to remain cautious of your dental bonds. For instance, you will need to limit your intake of foods and drinks that can stain. However, since these stains are largely superficial, they can easily be polished off by a qualified dental professional.


The resin used in composite bonding does not respond to whitening. This is because the bleaching agents found in teeth whitening procedures will not react to the teeth that have undergone dental bonding. Thus, if you wish to whiten your teeth, the best time to do so is before you have a bonding procedure.

Our dentists will match the color of your whitened teeth to the bonding material, making sure you have a dazzling smile you’re proud of

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