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"If you think of the lips as the stage, the gums as the curtains and the teeth as the actors – Couture Smile™ is about placing them right on stage. So when a person smiles, it looks natural, beautiful and gives that wow factor."

- Dr. Michael Formenius
Creator Of Couture Smile™

Your Ultimate Hollywood Smile Makeover

A great smile is the foundation of a beautiful face. A smile will reveal a lot about who you are. It conveys joy, health, and self-assurance. Changing the look of your smile entails more than just changing your appearance. It's about changing how you feel about yourself. Also, a beautiful smile is more than just a collection of white teeth that are perfectly aligned, but the ideal smile is one that complements your facial structure and proportions and is the result of your inner wishes and expectations. That’s exactly what Couture Smile™ is about – creating a natural-looking radiant smile that you can be really proud of.

Dr. Michael Formenius, CEO & Clinical Director of Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, recognizes that there's so much that can be done to improve the appearance of a smile regardless of age. For over 30 years, Dr. Michael has been doing so much more than just fixing teeth. He has dedicated his dental expertise to offering life-changing smile makeovers that enrich his patients’ natural look with smiles that bring balance and symmetry to the entire face.


Couture Smile™

Couture Smile™ embraces the inimitable Facial Aesthetic Design approach that adopts careful analysis all the elements of the face and how they work together to achieve a truly exquisite and natural smile.

Through Couture Smile™, Dr. Michael is able to revitalize your entire look within days. This unique technology allows patients to actually see and wear their new smiles even before any further step is taken. This minimally invasive, painless procedure involves an initial smile consult including the creation of a mock-up fitted to the patient’s teeth and bonding of final veneers tailored to his or her feedback and preferences.

Couture Smile™ offers the perfect solution for teeth that are spaced, crooked, worn, discolored and chipped – the ultimate package that will make you look and feel healthier and younger. If you find yourself covering your mouth or holding back a smile because you’re too self-conscious to show your teeth, Couture Smile™ is an excellent choice for you.


The art of creating a smile

What is Couture Smile™?

Couture Smile® is the art of creating a smile that enhances the features of the face, while crafting a beautiful balance in size, proportion, position, color and angulation of the teeth. It does not only add to the happiness factor of how the patient feels about himself/herself, but actually adds life to the teeth by strengthening the surfaces of teeth that are continuously exposed to wear and tear. A Couture Smile™ provides the emotional wellbeing factor of harmony & improves the facial expressions in all walks of their life.

What’s a typical Couture Smile™ consultation like?

A typical smile consultation is usually booked for 60-90 minutes. It consists of carefully listening to the patient’s concerns and wishes about their smile. This is followed by a set of facial and close up photographs, x-rays and models.

The creative fun part is when I design onto their teeth with a liquid composite and a brush pencil how their teeth could be in shape and size and color to enhance their facial expression with their new smile. This allows the patient to see and experience exactly how his or her ‘new’ smile will be like.

I then take a new set of photographs which can then clearly show if the patient is feeling happy with what I have created as a road map of their future smile. It is in the expression of the patient’s eyes I can see whether they love where are going with the designing of their smile. Once the patient feels excited about the new design that has been created, I take a model of this and the treatment can be booked.