Dental Emergency In Dubai

If it hurts,

It is an emergency

Be it a root canal treatment you need for severe tooth decay or a remedy for gum disease, our dental specialists can come to your aid for any dental trauma you may be facing.

We provide the full scope of dental treatments in Dubai. We are open all days of the week, so you can call us and book your emergency appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

Common dental emergencies


Most frequently asked questions

If you have a toothache, rinse your mouth with warm water and gently floss around the affected tooth to remove any food particles that may be causing the pain. Over-the-counter pain relievers can also help alleviate the discomfort. However, it’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible to determine the cause of the toothache and receive proper treatment.

If you have a knocked-out tooth, handle it by the crown (top part) and rinse it gently with water. Do not touch the root of the tooth. If possible, try to reinsert the tooth back into its socket and hold it in place with gentle pressure. If that is not possible, place the tooth in a container of milk or saline solution and see a dentist immediately. Time is critical in saving a knocked-out tooth, so it’s important to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.

If you have a broken tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to the affected area to reduce swelling. If you have the broken piece of the tooth, bring it with you to the dentist. It’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible to determine the extent of the damage and receive proper treatment.

In general, dental emergencies require immediate attention. Waiting until regular business hours may result in further damage or infection. If you have a dental emergency, seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.

Maintaining good oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing regularly, can help prevent dental emergencies. It’s also important to wear a mouthguard while playing sports or engaging in other activities that can cause dental injuries. Avoiding hard and sticky foods can also help prevent broken teeth and other dental emergencies. Regular dental checkups can also help detect and treat dental problems early, before they become more serious.

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