Aristeidis Troulis

Dr. Aristeidis Troulis

DDS, MSc Prosthodontics (Greece)
General Dentist
Umm Suqeim Clinic, Dubai

Professional Information

Dr. Aristeidis received his DDS in 2008 and his MSc degree in Prosthodontics in 2014 from the University of Athens, School of Dentistry.

His solid academic background and vast clinical experience of over 10 years, have allowed him to hold positions both as a clinician in Greece, KSA, and the UAE, as well as an academician in King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh (KSA).

During his career pathway, he gained the experience to plan and execute full mouth rehabilitation cases using a combination of advanced treatment modalities in collaboration with other dental specialists, such as Periodontists, Orthodontists, and Endodontists. He has experience with fixed and removable prostheses supported by teeth and/or implants, veneers (smile makeovers), and minimally-invasive cosmetic restorative dental prostheses (inlays, onlays). He is very keen on the implementation of modern technologies and the integration of Digital Dentistry in his daily practice of Prosthodontics. He is capable of treating patients with mild to moderate TMJ dysfunction and sleep apnea syndrome, using removable intraoral appliances.

He is very passionate about always improving the treatment modalities he offers to his patients and believes that this can only be achieved through continuous education and critical thinking regarding new developments on the fields of Prosthodontics, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. He attended numerous national and international congresses during the last decade with special emphasis on the aforementioned fields of dentistry. He has published a case report in the journal “General Dentistry” and currently, is writing papers for publication in other international dental journals

He is a member in several international and national associations such as the European Prosthodontic Association, Saudi Commission of Health Specialties, the Greek Society of Prosthodontics and the Dubai Healthcare City Authority. He is currently actively licensed to practice in the UAE, KSA, Greece and Germany.

He speaks English, Greek, German and basic French.

Up Close & Personal

What do you like most about your job?

I really love the fact that with the use of the right treatment modalities, we can re-establish function and esthetics for our patients and give them a reason to smile and gain confidence.

How do you see the future of dentistry?

Prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry are moving towards the direction of continuous integration of CAD-CAM technologies, which makes it easier for the patient to visualize the final result, as well as help the practitioner to deliver dental prostheses reliably and more time-efficiently.

Furthermore, the use of more esthetic and bio-mimetic materials is helping the practitioner to deliver more natural looking prostheses and be as minimally invasive as possible.

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of my working hours, I love spending time with my friends, cooking, reading books and enjoying the nice and easy-going lifestyle of Dubai. However, I have to admit that I love reading about any new innovations and developments in Dentistry almost every day, as I strongly believe that the moment you become comfortable with what you are doing, you have to leave this comfort zone and try to improve further.

What is the best advice you can give to your patients?

The only advice I always give to my patients is to comply as much as possible with the instructions given by their physician, try to preserve the health of their teeth and gums, and in full mouth rehabilitation cases, to “trust the process”.
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