Dr. Yasmin Al-Zoubaidy

American Board Certified Endodontist
Umm Suqeim Clinic, Dubai

Dr. Yasmin Al-Zoubaidy is an American Board Certified (ABE) and Michigan Board Certified Endodontist who joined Dr. Michael’s Clinic from the state of Michigan, USA where she had an extensive Endodontic private practice.

She received her Doctorate in Medical Dentistry from the Boston University School of Dental Medicine in Massachusetts, USA in 2002. She also received a certificate of Advance Education in General Dentistry (CAGS) after completing a year of residency in the same school which is the largest postdoctoral training facility in the USA.

Dr. Yasmin joined the Endodontic program at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, USA and graduated in 2006. She pursed an impressive career in Endodontics and became one of 14 American Board Certified Endodontist Diplomats (ABE) in the state of Michigan and the only practicing Diplomat in the region listed by the American Board of Endodontics.

During her training, she had the opportunity to work as a clinical instructor and teach the undergraduate students at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston University School of Dental Medicine and University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in the USA. Dr.Yasmin is a member of the American Association of Endodontist, American Board of Endodontics College of Diplomates and the American Dental Association.

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The Truth About Root Canal And Cancer

Debunking the Myth

While there are plenty of undisputable resources about the effectiveness of root canal (endodontic) treatment, misinformation continues to circulate online. Dr. Michael's Dental Clinic, along with our American Board Certified Endodontist Dr. Yasmin Al-Zoubaidy, continuously work on educating the public about root canal safety while debunking the myths that root canals cause cancer or other health problems.

To date, there has not been one valid, scientific evidence linking root canal-treated teeth and disease elsewhere in the body. The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) states that there is no causality between root canals and cancer; just because a person has experienced both doesn't mean a cause-and-effect relationship exists.

In fact, a 2013 study published in a journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery) found that a patient's risk of cancer doesn't change after having a root canal treatment. Additionally, researchers found that patients with multiple endodontic treatments had a 45% reduced risk of cancer.

"As dental professionals, we know there is no evidence of a link between root canal treatment and cancer or other diseases," said AAE President Dr. Gary R. Hartwell. "It is in the best interest of patients to understand there is no valid, scientific evidence linking root canals to such health problems, and also to understand the advancements in modern dentistry that make endodontic treatment predictable, effective and successful."

The AAE offers dental professionals, the media and patients with authoritative and reliable information on root canal safety on their website. These resources include:

  • Root Canal Safety Fact Sheet – explains the history of focal infection theory and research showing that there is no valid, scientific evidence linking root canaled teeth and systemic disease.

Feel free to contact us should you have more questions regarding root canal therapy. For more information about the AAE, visit the Association's website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is root canal treatment painful?

Root canal treatment doesn't cost pain, it relieves it. Patients seek dental treatment when they have a toothache. A toothache is caused by a damaged tissue within the tooth. Root canal treatment removes this damaged tissue from the tooth, thereby relieving the pain patient feels.

Is it worth saving my tooth?

Saving your natural tooth is the best ultimate option. With the latest advancement in the field of Endodontics and if your root canal is performed by a specialist, your success rate is up to 97%.

What Patients Say

"Absolutely amazing, Dr Yasmin make me feel relaxed and has attention to detail. Thank you very much indeed." –Jason Jenkins

"I'd personally like to send a massive thank Dr. Yasmin Al-Zoubaidy for doing such a WONDERFUL job on my root canal treatment and restoring color to a tooth that gave me so much insecurity for years! She took me through the process in the most professional manner making sure I was comfortable with every step. I really appreciate that she took the time to explain every possible option available to me and we proceeded only when I was confident enough to go ahead. The procedure was painless and she worked so smoothly during 3 very lengthy sessions. I highly recommend her!" –Amal Al-Beiti

"I came to Dr. Yasmin after another dentist left two broken files in my tooth leving me in constant pain. I was apprehensive and scared. Dr. Yasmin not only did a fabulous job saving my tooth from extraction, but she did this (two part) procedure in such a way that it was a pleasure to be on her chair. Painless, perfect and just so easy! She eased all my anxieties and I felt I was in such great hands. I was actually relaxed and even laughed throughout the procedure. No one else I’ll ever see... I cannot recommend her enough!" –Andrea Maturana-Chalhoub

"Dr. Yasmin is gentle and very caring. She works carefully and always pain free. She would answer all my questions and recommend/explain her plan and why it is good for me. It was hard for me to commit to getting even 1 root canal done in the past but with her I felt at ease and very comfortable to have all 7 done. I highly recommend her! She is the best!" –Ivka Petrova

"I had a bad experience with Root Canal Treatment in the UK but with Dr Yasmin it was completely different. Pain free treatment she made me feel so relaxed!" –Survey

"She's the best. Made me really comfortable. Will recommend to all my friends." –Tracy

"Dr. Yasmin has been very gentle and mindful of my concerns and kept checking with me all the time during the procedure which made me very comfortable and more relaxed." –Amel Murphy

"Dr. Yasmin is categorically and unequivocally by far the best Endodontist in the region. Period. She is truly phenomenal. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is “outstanding”, she scores an easy 13. I love Dr. Yasmin. She is Amazing with a capital “A”. I’m the type of patient that is difficult to please, and generally speaking, I’m mega selective when it comes to selecting a dentist. I have been to a ton of dental clinics in the past five years in cities such as Chicago, New York, Doha, Amman & Kuwait city, and I have to say that Dr. Yasmin stands out and is simply put “incomparable”. She is the benchmark for “excellence”. What I truly liked about Dr. Yasmin is that she explained everything from A-Z and told me what I would expect post treatment. She listened attentively and answered all my questions. She was friendly, pleasant and warm. I felt no pain during the surgery and almost no pain after the procedure. I solidly recommend Dr. Yasmin. Her background speaks for itself. My dental experience could not have been more pleasant. Dr. Yasmin is the BEST - End of Discussion." –Al

"Dr. Yasmin is a blessing for patients like me who thought root canals hurt. I was desperate to save my tooth and I dreaded the fact of getting another one of my teeth extracted. I am glad that I made a decision to seek Dr. Yasmin’s help. She’s got a light touch and the entire procedure was comfortable and was painless. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who wish to save their teeth – and ultimately, their smile. She’s the best." –Maria Cristina

"Would definitely recommend both of my doctors, Dr. Yasmin and Dr. Omar to others." –Elena Azarenko

"I am ecstatic because Dr. Yasmin dispelled all the myths of allegedly painful root canals and did a fantastic job. I'm not numb any more and I am hardly hurting. My procedure was over in less than an hour and it was really pain free. Thank God for dentists like Dr. Yasmin. " –Louis

"I would like to recommend Dr. Yasmin and her team at Dr. Michael’s. I’ve had a root canal treatment with her and it was the most comfortable dental visit I ever had in my life. I've always thought root canals are excruciatingly painful treatments but I was wrong. Thanks, Dr. Yasmin for getting me my smile back." –Pervais

"Dr. Yasmin Al-Zoubaidy is a great endodontist. I actually waited for a whole month before I get on with my root canal treatment because I had to prepare myself mentally with the pain and all. I had braces and retainers and a couple of extractions when I was younger, but I am in no way a pro when it comes to needles. I went to Dr. Michael’s and explained to Dr. Yasmin about my phobia and she talked me through everything. Until now, I could not believe how comfortable my experience was. I just love Dr. Yasmin. She’s super!" –Reese

"Amazing doctor indeed. She was so lovely and so sweet, the best doctor in the world. If you need the root canal don't worry with Dr. Yasmin." –Survey

"Excellent treatment, clear communication and gentle. Challenging work done successfully, thank you :)" –Survey

"I was very anxious initially, but Dr Yasmin erased my fears. She made the whole process very comfortable & kept me at ease." –Survey

"I have an distinct fear of dentists but Dr. Yasmin made the experience pain and worry free. The best dentist I have ever encountered. I can't praise her enough. Thank you very much." –Survey

"All was much easier than I expected." –Survey

"Very attentive and patient. I highly recommend." –Survey

"Absolutely will do recommend, thanks for wonderful job! :)" –Survey

"Great dentist, very patient focused & reassuring!" –Survey

"Very nice all the procedure, and very professional. Thank you." –Survey

"Dr. Yasmin is great. She made me feel completely at ease and made the whole process painless." –Survey

"I would certainly recommend Dr. Yasmin. Didn't feel any pain and appreciate her friendly and comforting personality. Thank you!" –Survey

"Very friendly and good explanations! Thank you." –Survey

"Dr. Yasmin explained the cause and procedure in layman's terms. During the treatment, I felt in very capable hands with no discomfort." –Survey

"Very professional!" –Survey

"Very good collaboration between Dr. Yasmin and her assistant. Amazing team." –Survey

"Delightful." –Survey

"It was quite comfortable compared to what was in mind (fearful)." –Survey

"Dr. Yasmin did a great job and made me feel very comfortable." –Survey

"Not that I would want another root canal, but Dr. Yasmin was fantastic! I would definitely recommend her and Dr. Michael's to my friends and colleagues." –Survey

"Dr. Yasmin explained the process and made me feel comfortable." –Survey

"I cant't speak enough of Dr. Yasmin. She is very professional and easy to talk to. I had a great experience overall and I highly recommend her to anyone." –Survey

"I've had a few root canals over the years and I have to say that your procedure seemed very much less intrusive and with minimal discomfort, well to me anyway. You mentioned that there would be considerable pain afterwards, but as of now I am very happy to say that I am experiencing no pain at all! It is with my humble opinion that I think you are one of the most professional people I have ever known, especially so in the medical field. So a big thank you." –Diego Natale

Root Canal Cases by Dr. Yasmin

Yasmin Al-Zoubaidy
Researchers found that patients with multiple endodontic treatments had a 45% reduced risk of cancer.

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