Dr. Gun Ingrid Norell

DDS, General Dentist, Sweden
Certified Invisalign™ Platinum Provider
Jumeirah Clinic, Dubai

Dr. Gun Ingrid Norell graduated from Karolinska Institutet, Royal Dental College in Stockholm, Sweden in 1985. She specializes in cosmetic dentistry with extensive focus on various cosmetic orthodontic treatments.

She is a Certified Platinum Provider of Invisalign™ and a Certified Inman Aligner Trainer. She has completed over 300 Inman Aligner cases and is actively training dentists here in the UAE and abroad.

She is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

She speaks Swedish and English.

Up Close & Personal with Dr. Gun Ingrid Norell

Could there be anything new to an expert with 30 years of practice? For specialist cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gun, every single day puts her into a new challenge.

Long before creating healthier and breathtaking smiles, Dr. Gun, wanted to be a fashion designer. She used to design and make clothes for herself and her friends.

It was not entirely a very long stretch, because with her passion for beauty, she has made quite a name for herself for helping her patients get naturally beautiful teeth and smiles. Her dad used to tell her, "If you have something on your mind, do it", and she did. In 1985, Dr. Gun graduated from Karolinska Institutet, Royal Dental College in Sweden. She's also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

She's been living in the UAE since 2007. She was lured to the emirates' exciting potpourri of diverse cultures, sunny weather and a call to take on a new challenge in her life. She takes great pride working with the rest of the Dr. Michael's team. Nothing delights her more than knowing how positive and assured they have become with their beautifully designed dazzling smiles.

When asked what's the most important advice she's given her patients, she answered, "I tell them that they have to be confident and they should never hesitate to communicate everything that's on their minds with their dentist."

When she's not working, she enjoys cooking for her friends and family, reading and keeping in shape with jogging and yoga. She would also like to travel and visit all her friends around the world.

What would she do if she's given the power to change the world? She never had to think twice and said, "I'll enforce peace!"

What Patients Say

"I would like to formally express my immense praise for Dr Gun and the great expertise and skill she used when conducting outstanding dental work on my teeth. I have been so impressed with not only the fantastic work that she conducted on my teeth, but also on the great patient care and service that I have received, prior, during and after my dental treatment. Dr Gun used the Inman aligner dental treatment to straighten my teeth and amazingly in 4 months my top and bottom set of teeth have been perfectly aligned and they actually look better than the teeth I was born with. I am so impressed with Dr Gun's work that I have now made her my regular dentist that I will see for my 6 monthly check-ups. I will also be highly recommending her to conduct dental work on all of my family and friends, that live in Dubai and abroad. Dr Gun is truly an amazing Dentist and I feel so blessed and honoured to have had this amazing opportunity to work with her to achieve this fantastic outcome on my teeth. Although I have previously worked with great dentists, this has been by far the best dental treatment that I have ever received by the best Dentist that I have ever had in my entire life. I would also like you to how impressed I am with the great customer care from all of the reception staff. Beryl, Ladan, Marlin and Charlotte have all been absolutely brilliant in catering to all of my appointment needs with great care, efficiency, with good humour and a friendly and very professional manner. As well as Dr Gun, they are also an asset and are great ambassadors for the Dr Michael's Dental Clinic brand." –Carolyn Mitchell, Educational Psychologist

"Hi there Dr. Gun. I just wanted to let you know how delighted I have been with the treatment you have given me and how pleased I am with the results. The Inman Aligner is a really excellent product that has straightened my teeth completely painlessly. I was very worried at the beginning because I always heard people complaining about how their braces hurt, but this one has been pain free and completely comfortable. I am excited to get my bottom teeth now as straight at my top ones and I am delighted with the fact that I have kept my own teeth and didn't choose to have the veneers like my husband. Thank you for taking such great care and making my teeth and smile look so lovely. I am very grateful to you." –Debbie Patrick

"Very much thanks to Dr. Gun's Team for the very successful Inman Aligner treatment of my front teeth which got accomplished with Veneers. Due to the proper aligned front teeth the very thin Veneers give me a very natural feeling as if nothing artificial was in my mouth." –Franz Stoemmer (Siemens LLC, Energy Sector)

"Dear Dr Gun, Thank you for your help. I will miss you everytime when I smile. Take care! Best Regards." –Jun Li

"Just a quick note to say thank you. I am absolutely delighted with my new veneers. I go about grinning at everyone (I am sure they think I have gone crazy!)" –K.M.

Gun Ingrid Norell
Patients have to be confident and they should never hesitate to communicate everything that’s on their minds with their dentist.

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