Dr. Thomas Lyth

DDS, General Dentist, Sweden
Umm Suqeim Clinic, Dubai

Dr. Thomas Lyth graduated from Karolinska Institutet, Royal Dental College, Stockholm, Sweden in 1982. He has more than 30 years of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry. His practice focuses on dentally anxious patients and pain free treatment.

Up Close & Personal with Dr. Thomas Lyth

Everybody's got their own signature pick-me-ups, for Dr. Thomas Lyth, he gets his by waking up early and going cycling at six in the morning. This is how he starts a great weekend. He plays a lot of sports to de-stress and to keep himself fit and healthy.

Dr. Thomas is a proud alumnus of one of Europe's largest medical universities, Karolinska Institutet (Royal Dental College, Sweden, 1982). Having established a successful practice in Sweden, he was handpicked by our CEO, Dr. Michael Formenius, to come and start a new career in Dubai.

His respect for Dr. Michael's philosophies motivated him to move to an entirely new place. Though he describes life in the UAE an equal serving of easy and tough, he now considers the country of sun and sands his home.

When he's not in the clinic, he spends a lot of time relaxing at home with his family. He's also got a knack for cooking, another thing that he enjoys doing when he's out of his scrubs. Like lots of people living in busy cities, he dreams of relaxing in a place far away from the buzz of civilization with a fresh cup of coffee in hand.

As a dentist, there's nothing more rewarding for him than seeing his patients happy and healthy. True enough, he's got quite a strong portfolio of patients who comes in regularly to see him. Dr. Thomas has more than 30 celebrated years of general and cosmetic dentistry practice. He's also an expert in pain free treatment and dental anxiety management.

Knowing how crucial communication is for best dental results, he makes it a point to advise patients that dentists are here to help them once or twice, but they (the patients) take care of themselves for the rest of the year.

What Patients Say

"I just wish to express my gratitude for Dr. Thomas Lyth. I have been his patient for 5 years now. Before I met Dr. Thomas I had very bad previous experiences. Dr. Thomas had transformed my fear from dentist into joy. Through his amazing technical skills, communication with the patient and excellence. I will soon be leaving the country and I know that I will miss having Dr. Thomas as a dentist. Please send him my utmost appreciation for everything. And most probably I will try to return to Dubai just to benefit of the high quality dental services that he provides at Dr. Michaels. Best wishes and a great afternoon." –Alexandra

"I would just like to pass on my thanks to Dr Thomas for his patience whilst treating me recently, I have a real phobia about dental treatment and can be a nightmare patient! However Dr Thomas was very calm and reassuring during my recent treatment, so much so that on my latest visit yesterday to complete a root canal treatment I was a lot calmer and less stressed about the whole procedure. I really appreciate the time and care taken to reassure me." –Karen Gardner

"To Whom It May Concern, Please let Dr. Lyth know how much I appreciate his awesome craftsmanship, professionalism and willingness to accommodate my schedule. As a reminder I'm the patient who came from Iraq to have a front tooth veneer replacement. Thank you." –Andrew

"As you know I was apprehensive to go in for dental treatment for several years. You were very re-assuring and have taken away my fright for dental treatment. I received excellent consultation and patience. You took me through each step of the procedure which has given me confidence again in dental treatment. The work you carried out was truly professional and with genuine care." –Mrs A.H.

"Your attention to detail and perfectionism was outstanding, and during every appointment, you took me through each step of the procedure. The work itself was carried out with extreme precision and due care. I would describe you as a perfectionist. I will always be thankful for your expertise, bed side manner and technical brilliance. I cannot tell you the number of people who I have championed you to, following your work." –M.H.

"I recommend Dr. Thomas Lyth to anyone who wants excellent treatment. I have been to Dr. Thomas after experience pain in my tooth and really didn't know what the problem is. I received excellent consultation from him and treatment was provided accordingly. I found the service of Dr. Michael's clinic very good as well as they are always punctual with their appointments." –Aziz Darwish

Thomas Lyth

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