Dr. Chantal Kengo

Doctor in Dental Science, Belgium
Specialist Pediatric Dentist, France
Laser Dentistry, France
Conscious Sedation, France
Dental Hypnosis, France
Children's Dental Center, Dubai

Dr. Chantal Kengo has over 30 years of combined training and experience in both public and private practice in Belgium, Congo, Canada, France, the UK and the UAE.

She received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the Université Libre de Bruxelles School of Dental Medicine (Brussels, Belgium) in 1985. Fueled by her passion in working with children, Dr. Chantal pursued further studies and obtained her degree in Pediatric Dentistry from the Université René Descartes School of Dental Sciences (Paris, France) in 2003. She later completed an extensive training in Conscious Sedation from the same university in 2009.

Moreover, she held a post as the Elementary School Director of the L’école en Couleurs from 1990-1997 (Congo). She then trained to be a Montessori School Director at the Montessori Academy of London in 1998. She also spent two years teaching at the Bethnal Green Montessori School in London.

In 2016, she completed an advanced training for Laser-Assisted Dentistry from Association Universitaire d’ Implantologie in Paris, where she ranked 3rd out of 50 students.

"The Laser Dentistry course is an extensive year-long training on the efficient and safe use of lasers for dental treatments. I am glad to be able to offer advanced and pain-free treatments to my young patients."

Dr. Chantal is a member of the Union des Jeunes Chirurgiens Dentistes (UJCD), in Paris, France and of the Emirates Medical Association.

Beyond her accolades and credentials, her special interests include psychology, fitness and nutrition.

She speaks French, English and Lingala.

Welcome to Dr. Chantal's Pedodontic Practice

Dr. Chantal Kengo
Dr. Chantal Kengo
Dr. Chantal Kengo
Dr. Chantal Kengo
Dr. Chantal Kengo

What Patients Say

"Dr. Chantal is an amazing dentist. My daughter started her treatment with Dr. Chantal from age 2 and since then she always love to go to dentist. I really recommend her if you are searching for a good dentist for your kids." –Raheleh

Chantal Kengo

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