Dr. Carla Zogheib

Specialist Endodontist

DDS, DESE, MSc, PhD (Lebanon)

After completing her PhD in 2012 from Saint Joseph University (Lebanon), with the collaboration of Bretagne Occidentale University (France), Dr. Carla Zogheib proceeded to pursue a career in endodontics that compiled both academia and practice. Currently, she is a professor of graduate and post-graduate endodontics at Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon.

In addition to this, Dr. Carla was a former head of the department in the Faculty of Dentistry at Saint Joseph University of Beirut. She serves as the actual Scientific Chairman and Immediate Past President of the Lebanese Society of Endodontology. With her roots set in academia, Dr. Carla remains passionate about continuous adaptation of her endodontic practice to the modern era..

Taking her commitment to learning and proliferating knowledge of endodontics a step forward, Dr. Carla actively participates in lectures and conferences, both domestically and internationally. She is known for her impeccable work in root canal treatments and micro endodontics.

Nevertheless, Dr. Carla spent a large part of her years in the field working as a full-time endodontist at her private specialized dental practice.

With over 60 published papers in reputed science and medical journals, Dr. Carla has exhibited her prowess in dentistry by serving as an active editorial board member of prestigious associations such as:

Along with these esteemed academic links, Dr. Carla is also a reviewer in several reputed peer reviewed international journals. Her role entails that of a KOL (key opinion leader), where she coordinates, educates, and influences a new generation of future endodontists, both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Carla is an active member of:

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I am a passionate endodontist, relieving pain, and healing infections are my work motto

Advanced technology will make endodontics and dentistry easier and more efficient.

I like listening to music, or playing them, such as a piano. Other hobbies include travelling, meeting new people and socializing.

Take care of your teeth and get them checked regularly. There is nothing better than natural healthy teeth. Keep smiling!

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