Full Mouth Rehabilitation In Dubai

Transform your smile, transform your life

Full mouth rehabilitation is a combination of restorative treatments to fix your smile and restore the health of your complete mouth along with the gums, teeth, muscles, and jaws. This can be done through a series of detailed and highly customized treatments depending on each patient’s case.

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Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

At Dr. Michael’s Dental clinic, we not only want to help you smile again, but we also want to help you build and reinforce your oral health and teeth structures. The precise procedures that will help make up your whole mouth reconstruction will be determined by the problems that are affecting your smile.

Options For Full Mouth Reconstruction

We provide a range of treatments to meet your specific requirements, whether you have damaged, infected, or missing teeth or your gums are affected and need periodontal care. Your complete mouth restoration may involve the following options, depending on your condition:

Full Mouth Rehabilitation : Before & After

1-Before.jpg BEFORE
2-Before.jpg BEFORE
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4-Before.jpg BEFORE
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Our dental speciaIists In Dubai

A transformative makeover galore!

Since full mouth dental restoration involves a variety of treatment methods to address many issues, there are several advantages to this approach.

Many patients have benefited from full mouth rehabilitation treatments through the improvement of the health and look of their teeth and gums. Our skilled dentists can help you address all your dental issues that are impacting your quality of life while also significantly improving the appearance of your teeth with a full mouth restoration in Dubai.


Most frequently asked questions

Both full mouth restorations and smile makeovers are personalized and involve several procedures, although they are done for different reasons. To restore ideal oral health and teeth function, full mouth restoration is required. Whereas a smile makeover is a procedure you choose to have, in order to enhance the look of your teeth and smile.

If you have several dental problems, such as broken, cracked, damaged, or missing teeth, you may consider a full mouth restoration. Also, if you have problems with the gums, bite, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or jaw muscles, these can all be addressed with a full mouth reconstruction.

No, our specialists will make sure that you will not experience any discomfort throughout the procedures. Our highly qualified dentists can provide sedation dentistry to help you relax and enjoy your visits. You will have little to no memory of the procedure if you use sedation dentistry.

The process of full mouth restoration typically takes many months, if not a year or more, to complete. The duration of the procedures or treatments is determined by the restorations involved.

The cost of a complete mouth reconstruction is determined by the procedures or treatments involved, the dental materials and methods employed, the usage of sedation dentistry techniques, and other criteria. Our specialists can provide you with an estimated cost of your treatment plan after discussing all the restorations needed for your full mouth rehabilitation.

Yes, sedation dentistry can be the solution and a wonderful choice for those who struggle to sit still, sit for a long period, or control their movements. When you are pleasantly sedated, you will feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatments.

Your results will remain and stay for a long term as long as you follow our dentists’ post-operative recommendations and take proper care of your gums and teeth. Also, you may assume your treatments’ results to last forever if you maintain a good oral health by regularly brushing and flossing, as well as you visit your dentist for dental checkups every few months.


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