Abeer Massouh

Abeer Masouh is a professional dental hygienist who specialized in delivering optimal hygiene care. She has more than 19 years of experience in both government and private leading dental centers in the United Arab Emirates. She graduated from Damascus University in 1997, and she is very skilled in helping nervous patients overcome their fear of dental treatment.

Abeer’s extensive years of experience and her outstanding ability to deal with diverse populations and with patients with special needs make her an exceptional dental hygienist. She is well-trained to treat children.

Abeer is very passionate about her field and considers the well-being of her patients a top priority. Abir’s enthusiasm and sense of responsibility as well as her commitment and dedication to her work have always provided her patients with total satisfaction.

Abir is an active member of the Syrian Dental Association

Up, Close & Personal

Dentistry and dental hygiene are both my passion and I enjoy my job. The thing that rewards me most while doing my job is seeing a smile drawn on the faces of my patients after treatment. Only then, I realize that I have made a difference in their lives.


Thanks to modern technology that our patients are experiencing less discomfort than before. I trust that with steady improvements we are witnessing in the medical field, patients for sure will have far more pleasant experiences when visiting their dentists.

I am positive dentistry will keep improving day after day



Reading and watching movies are two past times I enjoy most. For outdoors, I enjoy picnics during the winter months in Dubai.


Visit the dentist regularly, and please remember that both healthy teeth and a healthy gum are a gateway to a healthy body.


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