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Hanan Tahir

Dental Hygienist (Saudi Arabia)

Jumeirah Clinic , Dubai

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With over a decade of experience in the dental field, Hanan holds the position of president of the Emirates dental hygienist’s club. She is a Certified Trainer for Guided Biofilm Therapy and an iTop Instructor with expertise in individual-trained oral prophylaxis. In addition, she is a Certified Trainer at the Swiss Dental Academy.

Hanan is an advocate for preventive dental care and is a globally recognized speaker on key topics in the area of oral health.

Hanan earned her bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene from the Riyadh College of Dentistry and Pharmacy in KSA in 2009. Then, she pursued her academic and experience in the UK before returning to the UAE. Currently, with a strong focus on expanding her skills and knowledge, Hanan is pursuing her Master’s in healthcare management from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Hanan enjoys sharing her knowledge and believes that every dental hygienist should always be up to date with the latest technology and innovations. She has a positive mindset for attaining the best oral hygiene outcomes in patient care.

Hanan’s adventurous spirit is intertwined with her love for nature. She’s a curious explorer who seeks destinations with mountains, water, and natural beauty. She likes hiking, zip line, and kayaking. Beyond her outdoor pursuits, she leverages her role as a social media influencer in the dental realm, utilizing her platform to advocate and enlighten her audience on dental health.

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Dr. Amir Hadjhamou

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Patients say about Dr. Amir Hadjhamou


Up, Close & Personal

My father is a dentist, I grew up in dentistry and has always been passionate about it, even in my young teenage years. The choice of prosthodontics came from the desire of not only offering dental treatment but restoring smiles, rehabilitating function and changing lives.

What I like most about my job is the human side of it, the connection you establish & emotional link you achieve with your patients especially when we do smile makeovers. Restoring a smile is not only about the perfect smile, it’s about giving your patients a customized smile that reflects their personality & becomes part of their identity. Nothing beats the satisfaction one gets after successfully completing a treatment or witnessing the patient’s reaction when they look at their dream smile in a mirror for the first time.

Digital, it’s actually the present & it keeps evolving.

Traveling would definitely come first, as playing golf, and soccer & recently since the COVID lockdown, cooking.

Spend time with the family, socialize with friends, discover new places and try out new outdoor activities. There is so much we can experience here in Dubai, from extreme to more laid-back activities, some of the ones I’ve enjoyed were kite surfing, skydiving, sailing and hopefully more to come.

Maintain good hygiene, don’t miss your routine checkups, choose your dentist carefully and do not hesitate to ask your treating doctor any questions you may have about your treatment.

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