Martina Crisma

Martina is a professional dental hygienist from Italy with almost 10 years of experience. After having graduated in Biological Science in 2008, Martina earned her degree with a 110/110 cum Laude in Dental Hygiene in 2011 at the University of Trieste, Italy. She then pursued her studies in the US, where she was awarded a certificate in Advances in Dental Hygiene and Oral Care from Buffalo University, New York. In the same year, she was certified in the best practices in dental hygiene and oral care from Erie Community College, Buffalo, New York.

Throughout her career, Martina worked at several dental clinics in Italy and the UAE, where she provided her services in oral care and dental hygiene. She also took part in many programs of prevention and oral health education for children, held in kindergarten and schools in Italy.

Martina specializes in all the aspects related to oral health including the prevention and treatment of mouth diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and cavities. She is also a certified GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) provider and is very keen on cosmetic treatments including teeth whitening.

Martina is very passionate about her field and considers the well-being of her patients her top priority. She likes to consider and treat the mouth as part of the whole body. Her motto is “mouth sana in corpore sano.” Martina’s enthusiasm and sense of responsibility as well as the commitment and dedication she puts into her profession has always provided her patients with the most satisfactory results.


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Martina Crisma

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Patients say about Martina Crisma


Up, Close & Personal

I love my job in its entirety, but what rewards me the most is seeing the impact that my profession can have in my patients’ lives. I see them understanding the importance of prevention and changing their habits because of my suggestions, they get to smile again and they thank me for that. When I see them improving their general health and their confidence I am over the moon!

I’m very happy to say that lately I’ve been seeing big changes and a new approach in my field, especially in the methods. Nowadays, we can offer patients a much more comfortable and pleasant session of dental hygiene, with painless instrumentations such as airflows and with this technology we can reduce the discomfort of the patient at its minimum. Nowadays, people are starting to understand the importance of prevention and I see better oral hygiene in patients. What I would like to see in the future is people coming to the dental hygienist happily and enthusiastically like how they would go to the hairdresser; This should be the feeling! You are doing something for yourself, for your confidence, for your health and for your smile! Additionally, with no pain or stress! Why not be happy about that?!

I’ve recently become a mom so taking care of my daughter has now become my number one priority, but when I still have free time I like to nourish my endless hobbies. I love photography to start with. I am a passionate and self-taught photographer. I enjoy editing and creating fine art.

Another big passion is dancing. I especially love Latin dance, salsa, and argentine tango. I also practice wake surfing, zumba and yoga. My other hobbies are traveling, playing guitar, studying nutrition and creating raw-vegan recipes (did I mention that I’m a health enthusiast?).

Your body is a temple and your mouth is the gateway to your body. Be respectful, conscious and long-sighted by taking good care of it. Your whole health and wealth will thank you for that.

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