Simona Miotti

Dental Hygienist (Italy)

Jumeirah Clinic, Dubai

Simona Miotti is a passionate and professional Dental Hygienist with over 11 years of extensive experience in promoting oral health awareness, and helping her patients keep their smiles healthy and shine. Her experience spans across Italy and the UAE.

After graduating with an honors degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Milan, Italy, she furthered her studies by obtaining a high-level master’s degree at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, Italy, enabling her to obtain ample knowledge on all advanced technologies in oral hygiene science.

During her training, she took part in a university internship program, at “Polyclinic Hospital” in Milan, where she worked in various dental departments, including conservative dentistry, implantology, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontology, cosmetic prosthesis, and oral surgery.

Hyg. Simona specializes in the prevention and treatment of many oral diseases, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implantitis and cavities. She also provides preventive treatments for dentin hypersensitivity, cavity prevention for teeth erosions, hypomineralisation, and white spots. In addition, she is focused on cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening based on enamel quality and dentinal hypersensitivity.

As a dental hygienist, Simona’s main goal is to keep her patients’ teeth and gums healthy by educating them about oral hygiene and showing them personalized oral care instructions. To accomplish this, she focuses all her attention and energy on the patient, carefully explaining the causes and resolutions of oral diseases. She believes that good oral health begins with self-care and preventive measures.

Up, Close & Personal

I love everything about my job but the thing I love most is seeing my patients happy with their improvements and being more confident with their smiles.

Many patients keep asking me if anyone has ever invented something to avoid dental treatments and yes, I believe that in the future with science and technology, we could eliminate oral diseases and all be happier. We hope so!

My best hobby and passion are traveling, I love seeing new places, cities, landscapes, countries, and what nature has given us, I love learning about different foods and cultures, and I adore meeting people from different countries with their stories.

I’ve already been to 57 different countries, and I still have so much to see!

Another big passion is sports, I love walking outdoors, rollerblading, playing padel, and doing Kangoo Jump. (this one is amazing!)

I like to take care of my mind and my body by reading books, eating well, and always being on the move or in the gym.

Respect yourself and take care of your body and your mouth, and you will see that life will smile you!

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