Veronica Rutherford

Dental Hygienist (Canada)

Veronica returned to school after earning her BA in Psychology and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria in Canada to pursue her dream of becoming a dental hygienist. In addition, Veronica previously worked as a dental research assistant, collecting data from clients on the effectiveness of dental educational videos. Later, in 2015, she graduated with honours from George Brown College’s Dental Hygiene Program in Toronto.

When it comes to her remarkable philanthropic work, Veronica has been an inspiring individual right from the get-go. For instance, during her academic years, Veronica benevolently worked with non-profit dental groups from the U.S. and helped connect them with clinics in Nicaragua. Also, she volunteered at a free dental clinic in Jamaica, where she performed scaling and polishing on patients who had never received dental care.

  • Mastery in periodontal scaling & root planing treatments
  • Proficient in preventive treatments like dental prophylaxis
  • Experienced in providing specialized dental care for the intellectually challenged
  • Skilled in conducting cohesive oral cancer screenings
  • Provides superior periodontal maintenance to prevent gum diseases
  • Promotes awareness of Dental Hygiene

Veronica has exhibited a multitude of diversity in her skill sets. For example:

  • She has worked at one of Toronto’s most prestigious celebrity dental clinics
  • She has worked as a periodontal specialist, providing initial and long-term care for patients
  • As an advocate for dental hygiene awareness, Veronica has educated children about oral health
  • She is also competent in providing special care to intellectually challenged children

Veronica goes above and beyond her duties as a dental hygienist by providing quality preventative dentistry. With over 4 years of experience working in Dubai, Veronica aspires to keep delivering exceptional dental hygiene care to people from all over the world.

“Nothing but the best”- Veronica takes pride in maintaining a morally sound workplace and ensuring that her patients receive the Canadian Standard of Care. As a fervent proponent of preventative care, Veronica envisions a bright future combining artificial intelligence and dental prophylaxis.

In her free time, Veronica enjoys playing the piano and exploring Dubai 

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