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Smart and discreet way to straighten your teeth

Simple Aligner treatments for brighter smiles and long-term results. Straighten your teeth naturally with our custom-made transparent aligners and braces.
invisalign in dubai

Adding comfort to your treatment

Why Invisalign?

The world's most advanced clear aligner

Your orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth and will send them and your prescription to Invisalign.

SmartTrack® material

Only Invisalign transparent aligners use this proprietary plastic to straighten your teeth with ease and precision.

Custom trimmed

Unlike other orthodontic appliances, Invisalign is gentle on your teeth and gums.

Treatment in as little as 6 months

The technology and patented material can help you achieve the smile you want faster than you might think.

A smart tech approach

iTero Invisalign Scanning

Equipped with iTero digital scanners, our orthodontists at Dr. Michael’s orthodontic center will be able to perform advanced Invisalign treatments with precision and accuracy. So how do iTero scanners work? The digital scanner is positioned on the surface of the patient’s teeth and slowly maneuvered to their gums and soft tissues. Using the data from these high-resolution systems, the dentist can develop a 3D model of the teeth, followed by Invisalign hole filling and edge trimming. Finally, the scan is sent to the local providers of Invisalign, for making the custom transparent aligners.


SmileView is an innovative AI generated virtual stimulation that enables you to obtain a visual prediction of your smile, both before and after the Invisalign treatment. By employing this technology, you can preview the outcomes of your Invisalign treatment before they even begin!

While actual results may vary, this smile visualization tool will inspire you to start your Invisalign treatments today and attain the ideal natural looking smile you’ve always wanted.

Advantages of

Invisalign over metal braces

In recent times, people have shifted their focus and preference towards opting for more discreet ways to straighten their teeth. This is where Invisalign comes to play. As a premium brand of invisible aligners, It is largely preferred since they promote convenience and functionality.

Although there is a wide range of orthodontic treatments that can provide you with a straighter smile, such as metal braces and retainers; Invisalign aligners are recommended by orthodontists because they are painless and virtually invisible.

Apart from straightening your teeth, these transparent aligners can treat a variety of teeth conditions such as crowding, gaps, crossbite, underbite, overbite, and buck teeth.

Apart from straightening your teeth, these transparent aligners can treat a variety of teeth conditions such as crowding, gaps, crossbite, underbite, overbite, and buck teeth.

Our certified Invisalign providers

Braces for kids

Invisalign first

The advent of Invisalign aligners for children proves to be an advantageous breakthrough in modern dentistry. With Invisalign First, children are encouraged to undergo orthodontic treatments, that not only help to straighten their teeth, but also improve their oral hygiene.

Invisalign First is currently the most popular brand among patients because, along with providing avid functionality to improve your child’s smiles, these invisible aligners help to prevent future orthodontic problems from complicating your child’s teeth.

At Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, we offer high-quality Invisalign aligners that are personalized to your child’s dental needs. Now, your child does not need to worry about the hassle of dealing with semi-permanent metal braces. These removable transparent braces help your child to preserve their oral health.

Braces for teens

Invisalign teen

Invisalign is one of the most popularly preferred orthodontic treatment procedure amongst teenagers. This is because, unlike traditional metal braces that are bulky when bonded to the front teeth, the transparent plastic aligners help enhance the smile of your children.

When it comes to the functionality of Invisalign braces, you need not worry. This is because, the transparent plastic material used in these aligners apply the right amount of pressure to your child’s teeth and help to shift into its desired alignment in their mouth.

Teenage is a stage of life where children embark upon different endeavours forcing them to adhere to an active lifestyle. With the help of Invisalign braces, that are removable and easy to maintain, your children can embrace a better oral hygiene and a confident smile.

Procedure for getting Invisalign

  • Initial Consultation

    Initially the patient will need to get their dental health examined by a general dentist. If there are no underlying teeth and gum issues that may impede the process, then the patient is referred to an orthodontist.

  • Orthodontic Assessment

    In this stage, the orthodontist will conduct an in-depth analysis of the patient’s teeth using dental scanners or X-ray imagining, to determine if Invisalign is the right course of treatment for their dental care needs.

  • Preparation of a Treatment Plan

    Post the assessment, the orthodontist will devise a suitable treatment plan for the patient. During this stage, they will also generate a 3D interpretation of the teeth using ClinCheck (cloud-based treatment planning software).

  • Printing Impressions

    The digital impression of the patient’s teeth captured through imaging and scanners is then sent to the local Invisalign providers to manufacture and customize the trays.

  • Application of the Aligners

    Once the transparent aligners are ready, the orthodontist will then place the first tray inside the patient’s mouth. During the application process, they will also guide the patient on the proper positioning of the aligners, and their aftercare.

  • Follow-up

    Lastly, the orthodontist will provide the patient with detailed instructions to maintain the Invisalign aligners, as well as recommendations for a routine dental check-up. Once the Invisalign treatment is completed, the patient is provided with retainers as an aftercare measure.

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Most frequently asked questions

The cost of Invisalign is determined by the complexity of the case, an easy case will require fewer aligners and adjustments and hence cost much less than a more complicated case. The charges also vary from region to region; charges of Invisalign in Dubai are fixed by Invisalign Middle east and may vary from charges in other countries.

Invisalign is a type of aligner system which helps to correct your smile without being visible, hence, also called Invisible Braces. When you look at these set of aligners you might wonder how something that looks so similar to your bleaching tray could actually move your teeth but these trays are made up of a special type of thermoplastic resin that exerts transient force on your teeth to align them.

It’s a pretty simple procedure wherein your orthodontist will take some special impressions, X rays and photographs and send them across to the Invisalign technicians along with the proposed treatment plan.

Here these impressions are scanned and a 3 dimensional model of your teeth and occlusion are created. Then based on the treatment plan sent across by your dentist, the technician digitally moves around these teeth to bring them to their desired position.

This gradual movement from start to finish is made into an animated film called a CLIN CHECK video. This is where you as a patient get involved in your treatment plan as your dentist will call you in to show you this video, and you can either choose to accept the plan or make changes to it.

Once we approve this treatment plan, Invisalign then starts manufacturing the aligners using CAD/ CAM technology. We receive your aligners in a couple of days and that’s when your treatment starts. You will need to wear each aligner for 2 weeks and then shift to the next one till the desired result has been achieved.

One of the main drawbacks of traditional orthodontic treatment is its visibility. Most adults have job constraints and social situations like weddings etc. which makes them reconsider undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment.

This is where Invisalign has a huge advantage because it promises to straighten your teeth without affecting your life. The clear plastic trays are hardly visible when compared to the metal train tracks. They do not affect your speech and are very comfortable to wear.

Invisalign are not fixed to your teeth and this is another bonus as you have no diet restrictions and it is also easy to keep your teeth clean.

Invisalign can be used on most adults and teenagers to align teeth. However there are certain cases which require more precise tooth control, for example closure of extraction space, impacted teeth, teeth with poor bone levels.

These situations demand more control over tooth movement which is difficult to achieve with a removable aligner. Such cases are best treated with fixed orthodontic appliance or a partial orthodontic appliance along with Invisalign.

Also, patient compliance is of upmost importance in achieving successful results, and if you think you are not going to be responsible with wearing the aligners then we recommend you go in for fixed Lingual Braces instead.

Your first appointment is a standard consultation, where the orthodontist will see your case and help you to understand what your concerns are. Also in this appointment we will take your diagnostic records like X rays, study models and photographs.

After studying these records a treatment plan is made which is best suited for you. If you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign, the next appointment will be scheduled, where the orthodontist will take the final impressions and bite registrations which are then sent to Invisalign.

Once the final impressions have been sent, it takes approximately 7-10 days to get your ClinCheck video and once this has been approved, another 7-15 days to receive the aligners.

Invisalign patients are required to make a visit to an Orthodontist once in every 6-weeks. During this routine follow-up, they will check for the progress of your teeth alignment, and make any corrective adjustments if deemed necessary.

Invisalign Aligners are worn for a minimum of 22 hours for 2 weeks before shifting to the next aligner. You do not wear the aligners while eating or drinking anything colored, besides that you wear them all the time.


Invisalign is the most comfortable way to align your teeth as there are no metal brackets or wires involved. They do not affect your speech and are very easy to put on and remove.


Teeth have memory and they tend to go back to their original position, hence it is important to retain them in place after any form of orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign provides you with 3 sets of removable Vivera retainers which need to be worn at night. Along with this we also give you a set of fixed retainers for both arches.


Yes you can. We can always remove your existing braces and start off as a new case of Invisalign.


Yes you can. We can always remove your existing braces and start off as a new case of Invisalign.

The good part is we put a tooth-colored coating on your aligner to cover up the missing tooth space so there are no visible gaps during your treatment.


Invisalign can be done by any specialist orthodontist who is a Certified Invisalign Provider. Like any conventional orthodontic treatment, the most important part of getting Invisalign is proper diagnosis and treatment planning. Even though the aligners are manufactured in a lab by a technician the instructions and treatment plan are given by the treating orthodonitst. Thankfully Dr. Michael’s Orthodontic Clinic is a Certified Invisalign Center in Dubai.


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