No shot. No drill. No fear

Dr. Michael’s Children's Dental Center offers Waterlase; the breakthrough in laser dentistry that enables our dentists to use minimal and in some cases even no anesthetic or drills to perform many routine dental procedures. Which makes it the most comfortable and pain-free experience. Also, Waterlase is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools, it will finally make going to the dentist a fun experience again!

Dr. Michael's Children's Dental Center has advanced technology and the dentists have been trained in laser dentistry – this is amazing for children as it is – wait for it – pain and injection free.

Benefits Of Water Lase 

No shot. No drill. No fear

Waterlase allows for quick, effective dental treatments with less pain and distress. Benefits include:

Fewer dental visits

Since you often do not need shots or anesthesia, a Waterlase dentist can perform cavity preps in all areas of the mouth in just one visit.

Experience World-Class Dentistry

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