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Myobrace® is designed to correct your child’s natural growth and teeth alignment while treating upper and lower jaw developmental problems. It is during the age 6 to 10 years when children are getting their first permanent teeth. This is the stage that the teeth can become crowded and the jaws get misaligned.

At Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Center in Dubai, we know that oral habits including mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, and reverse swallowing could cause crooked teeth. These poor habits affect the development of a child’s jaw and facial development and can lead to orthodontic problems.

Avoid the Need for

The goal of Myobrace is to achieve a naturally straight teeth for life – often without the need for braces and retainers.

myobrace for adults

Goals of Myobrace® treatment for kids

How does Myobrace work?

Myobrace is a three-stage appliance system that will correct your child’s poor oral habits and improve jaw development. They key to this treatment is correcting the position and function of the tongue, proper nose breathing and retaining the oral muscles to function properly.
Myobrace for Kids is most effective after a child’s permanent front tooth have come through and before all permanent teeth have erupted.
Myobrace appliance should be worn for one to two hours each day plus overnight while sleeping. It effectively trains the tongue to position correctly in the upper jaw and exert light forces to align the teeth.
Our pediatric dentists at Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Center are certified Myobrace providers and will discuss the treatment in details during your child’s appointment.

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