Boguslavskysisters Review

Boguslavskysisters Review: Best Dentist in Dubai

Marianna Boguslavsky of the travel and lifestyle blog visited Dr. Michael's. Check out her review of the treatment and clinic today.

It was an overwhelmingly positive experience, will be recommending your clinic to everyone in Dubai, well done to you and your team, truly first class.
–Marianna Boguslavsky

30th June 2015, Dubai, UAE: Marianna Boguslavsky, a Dubai lifestyle blogger at Boguslavskysisters visited Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic – Umm Suqeim last week. Find out about her experience below.

“I booked an appointment with the highly recommended Dr Zia (this man is a king amongst dentists, from his personal skills to his dentistry skills, superb professional). He is all about pain free dentistry, so 100% my kind of dentist.

My reason for visiting Dr Zia is that I had a mark on one of my front teeth as some of the filling had come off and it was getting to the point where I was becoming incredibly self-conscious about this mark. After an in-depth, Dr Zia proceeded to remove the mark and then do no prep direct composite veneers on both front teeth (when I first heard the word veneers, I immediately thought $$$$, but no, these are not those pricey Hollywood veneers).

The final result was a noticeable (and rather lovely) improvement on my existing composite veneers as the new veneers have natural contours, grooves, and a shiny glossy finish like natural teeth.”

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