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Coffee Morning at Cambridgeshire Nursery

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29th November 2017, Dubai, UAE: Our Specialist Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Imneet Madan, was invited as a guest speaker at Cambridgeshire Nursery’s coffee morning.

Dr. Imneet talked to the parents about oral hygiene and oral health.

“It’s very important to reinforce oral hygiene at home. Parents like us need to start cleaning our children’s gums as soon as they’re born. You can use an infant toothbrush or use a clean soft cloth or gauze to wipe your baby’s teeth and gums after feeding,” said Dr. Imneet.

Cambridgeshire Nursery

“Fluoride helps make the teeth strong. Here in the Dubai, the drinking water does not contain fluoride. There’s no other source of fluoride other than toothpastes. This is why it’s important that you use fluoridated toothpastes when cleaning your child’s teeth.”

Cambridgeshire Nursery

The parents also asked why there’s a need to care for their child’s milk teeth when they all fall out anyway. Dr. Imneet explained that the health of the milk teeth translates to the health of their growing permanent teeth.

“The milk teeth help your child eat and speak properly. It also holds the space for the permanent teeth and when your child loses their milk teeth early due to caries or tooth decay, the permanent teeth may grow crooked, and therefore, difficult to clean.”

“It’s very important to keep your child’s (baby) teeth clean because untreated tooth decay in milk teeth could eventually progress and infect his permanent teeth.”

Cambridgeshire Nursery

“Tooth decay is caused by many different factors. A decay doesn’t just result because you gave your child a piece of chocolate. Your child’s oral health is affected by his or her diet, oral hygiene, genes, even the amount of saliva in the mouth.”

“Regular visits to the dentist can help keep our children’s teeth and gums healthy and prevent future problems and oral diseases.”

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