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Dr. Michael’s School Project Goes to The City School International

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24th May 2016, Dubai, UAE: Early this month, Dr. Sosan Fatima visited the FS students of The City School International in Nadd Al Hammar as part of Dr. Michael’s ongoing initiative to spread oral health awareness among the schoolchildren in Dubai.

Tooth decay (dental caries) are largely preventable but they remain to be the most chronic disease of children all around the world.

“A child is not truly healthy unless he or she has good oral health. Education and awareness go a very long way in keeping our children healthy and free from dental-related pain. We strongly believe in reinforcing the value of oral health at a young age,” says Dr. Sosan.

City School International

City School International
Photos: City School International

The program started with an interactive discussion with the young students, focusing on tooth decay, oral habits, healthy diet, gum diseases and how to prevent them. The discussion was followed by a toothbrushing workshop where they were taught the right toothbrushing technique. Dr. Sosan and the team did complimentary dental screening for 130 FS students.

“I’d like to thank The City School International for giving us the opportunity to meet their lovely students.”

City School International
Photo: City School International

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