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Dr. Michael’s School Project Visits Mom & Dad English Nursery

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24th July 2016, Ajman, UAE: Dr. Sosan Fatima visited the kids of Moms and Dad English Nursery in Ajman last Tuesday for the School Project. This is the first school she has been to outside of Dubai.

"It was another incredible experience being with the kids of Moms and Dad English Nursery, interacting with them and understanding what the littles ones know when it comes to their oral health," said Dr. Sosan.

"We did a Q&A session regarding their personal hygiene, we did video presentations, we sang songs and held a toothbrushing workshop. I screened 40 children ranging from 18 months to 4 years old."

"Effective oral hygiene should start at a very early age and it’s a great opportunity for the team to be able to teach the kids the importance of brushing and proper nutrition. We’re really glad and thankful to have been invited by Mom and Dad English Nursery."

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