Dr. Walter Goriwoda

Distinguished Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Joins Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic in Dubai

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14th February 2016, Dubai, UAE: Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, the leading and most advanced dental health care provider in the region, is proud to welcome Dr. Walter Goriwoda, MD, DMD to its team of dental experts.

Dr. Walter Goriwoda is a well-published Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who brings to Dr. Michael’s his many years of specialized training in Germany, Austria, South Africa, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

His major fields of clinical interests include oral and dentoalveolar surgery (including complex dental rehabilitation via augmentation/distraction procedures), maxillofacial traumatology (experiences in 3-D navigated surgery), orthognathic surgery (surgical correction of skeletal jaw discrepancies) and facial aesthetic surgical procedures (blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, genioplasty, facial implants).

Maxillofacial surgery is a very delicate and precise type of surgery, which I find very appealing. It is visible surgery and highly aesthetic.
–Dr. Walter

Dr. Walter received his medical degree (MD) from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany in 1999 and earned his conferral of doctorate (MD) from the University of Freiburg – Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany in 2005. He graduated in Dentistry (DMD) from the University of Vienna, Austria and received his conferral of doctorate (DMD) from Medical University Vienna, Austria in 2005.

Before moving to Dubai, Dr. Walter was a lecturer and clinical instructor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Medical University Innsbruck (Austria). He was a Specialist Registrar at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Private University Salzburg (Austria), a Specialist Registrar at the Department of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery at University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland) and a Consultant at the Department of Craniomaxillofacial and Oral Surgery at University Hospital Innsbruck in Austria.

As an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, he offers full-scale oral surgical procedures including surgical extractions, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, removal or exposure of any other impacted teeth, periradicular surgeries (apicoectomies), cystectomies, periodontal surgical procedures, surgical insertions of temporary orthodontic bone-anchored appliances, dental rehabilitation via insertion of dental implants and necessary prior bone augmentations.

I am excited to join the team because I believe that professional expertise and supreme quality of treatment in a teamwork approach are highly appreciated at Dr. Michael’s.
–Dr. Walter

He also performs maxillofacial surgical procedures such as removal of benign osseous and soft tissue tumors in the oral cavity, the head and the neck, secondary surgical procedures for cleft lip and palate, surgical procedures related to facial trauma or severe acute and chronic infections, orthognathic surgical procedures inclusive of facial aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Walter will be practicing at Dr. Michael Dental Clinic in Umm Suqeim from the 14th of February. To schedule an appointment with him, call 04-3397700 or 04-3949433 or secure an appointment online.