Dr. Chantal Kengo

Dr. Chantal Kengo Tops Advanced Laser Dentistry Course in Paris

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7th June 2016, Dubai, UAE: Our Specialist Pedodontist Dr. Chantal Kengo completed a year-long advanced training for Laser-Assisted Dentistry from Association Universitaire d’ Implantologie in Paris.

"It was a great moment after a year of hard work,” said Dr. Chantal. “I ranked Top 3 out of 50 students."

Dr. Chantal Kengo
Dr. Chantal during the dental laser course in Paris

"The course and certification is geared toward the efficient and safe use of lasers for dental treatments. I am glad to be able to offer advanced and pain-free treatments to my young patients."

"With laser, I can treat aphthous ulcers – a very common and painful problem in children and teens. I can also provide treatment and disinfection of Herpes lesions, removal of tight frenums of lip or tongue, root canal disinfection and desensitization. Lasers also improve and speed up healing after extractions and other procedures."

Dr. Chantal's Certificate
Dr. Chantal's Advanced Laser Dentistry certificate