Kids Health Carnival

Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic Attends The Kids Health Carnival At GEMS Modern Academy

Discover which dental issues are the most common ones among our younger generation in Dubai.

26th January 2017, Dubai, UAE: Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic attended The Kids Health Carnival held at GEMS Modern Academy in Nad Al Sheba.

Dr. Michael’s dental team and Dr. Sosan Fatima, our School Project Coordinator; provided complimentary dental check-ups for students ranging from FS2 to grade 12. While meeting and greeting children and parents at the venue, our team worked towards spreading their valuable insight in regards to the handy do’s and don’ts of the dental world.

Kids Health Carnival

In addition, a wide array of dental issues seemed to surface among kids ranging between 9 to 16 years of age. The most consistent ones that prevailed among them were:

  • Decay
  • Malalignment
  • Gum Diseases

The time spent interacting with the attendees was more than valuable as it shed light on vital information in relation to common dental problems that most of us seem to ignore or forget about because of our busy lifestyle.

Upon completion of each dental check-up, every child was also awarded with a report card that gave them an over-view of their oral health status. With the given information, parents can now start to potentially make more informed decisions to better their child’s oral health.

Kids Health Carnival

“A massive thank you to all the organizers for making The Kids Health Carnival one to remember as well as extremely educational and enjoyable for all of us!” said Dr. Sosan. “We’re looking forward to attending the next event at GEMS Modern Academy.”

If you’d like to book a dental visit to your school or a class dental field trip to Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Center, kindly get in touch with our School Project Coordinator at 04-3397700.

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