Dr. Murat Guzel

Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic Welcomes New Dentist to its Jumeirah Practice

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July 8, 2018, Dubai, UAE: Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, the most trusted dental health care provider in the region is delighted to welcome Dr. Murat Guzel to its practice.

Dr. Murat Guzel is a GP dentist with broad experience in comprehensive dental care and procedures. He has special interest in restoration, surgery and cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Murat earned his MSc in Dental Surgery in 2009 from the University of Copenhagen.

He is a member of the Danish Dental Association, European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry and the International Team for Implantology. He’s been in private practice since 2008.

“Growing up as a child in Denmark, we were offered public dental care from birth to the age of 18. This means frequent visits to the dentist office where we receive educational and preventive programs,” said Dr. Murat.

“My childhood memories of these visits have been positive. I felt I entered something from a sci-fi movie every time I was in the dental chair. From there on I wanted to become a dentist.”

“Being able to educate patients to maintain a healthy mouth and to help them with the treatments they need is the most rewarding thing for me as a dentist. The impact that our profession has on our patients’ psychological and physical health not only makes our work an important and to times difficult task, but also a privilege.”

“I specifically joined Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic because I see it as a perfect match for me as a professional and private person. The philosophy behind the treatments offered, patient approach and interdisciplinary teamwork between the masses of talent found at Dr. Michaels, is in my opinion, unlike any other clinic in Dubai.”

Dr. Murat is now seeing patients at Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic’s Jumeirah practice. To book an appointment, please call 04 349 5900.